Our first Gymnastics clinic is this Sunday May 7th! This session will focus on pull ups. We are capping attendance at 15 people. We are quickly approaching that number, so if you are interested, sign up here. To read more about it, click here!

Strength WOD

Take 10 minutes to find a heavy 5 rep deadlift


8 Deadlifts

10 Tall Box Jumps

12/10 Cals on the Assault Bike

Rest 1 minute

6 Rounds

Coaching tip: For the strength, shoot for your reps to be unbroken (do not drop the barbell at the top after each rep) unless lowering the bar puts you in a compromised position.  There is no RX/ Fitness weights for the workout today. Select a weight that you can do 10 in a row with for the first few rounds without dropping the bar.  If you need guidance with this, your coach will help you to figure out a good weight. The assault bike is a short sprint followed by rest, so try to go all out on this portion of the workout.


Friends help friends deadlift

We all got into CrossFit for self improvement.  It usually starts as a positive journey.  Beginner gainz are the best right!?  I added 50 lbs to my back squat in two weeks!  I went from 1 pull up to 10 pull ups.  Then after a while it becomes harder.  After a while you begin to think "I am good at this?  This is getting harder."  Maybe it is running or gymnastics or weightlifting that feels like a punch in the gut.  Sometimes it turns into everything. Here’s the thing, negativity will bring down the whole group.  It is like second...