Congratulations to our April Committed Club Members.  These people attended (and signed into!) 20 or more classes during the month of April.  They showed a solid commitment to CrossFit and, more importantly, to their own personal goals. Keep up the good work! Fernando Elizalde 25 Shana Conneely 22 Mallory Beck 21 Alex Hall 20 Hana Machover 20 Liz Kasemeotes 20 Shaun Chemplavil 20 Next time you see them around the gym, give them a high five (or a hug, hugs are great too)!...

Our first Gymnastics clinic is this Sunday May 7th! This session will focus on pull ups. If you are interested, sign up here. To read more about it, click here!



1 min at each station

Handstand Push up

Sit up

D ball Over the Shoulder

Strict Pull ups

Russian KB Swing

1 min Rest

3 Rounds

Coaching tip: Focus on progressions that will allow you to move for the majority of the 1 minute of work. If you anticipate getting less than 8-10 repetitions at any station during the minute of work, then ask your coach for a progression that you can use for that movement.





Sit ups

Rest 2 minutes


150 Wall Balls

Rest 2 minutes

1 Mile Run

**There is a 10 minute cap on each station.  After 10 minutes you must stop and move on.


Rich on HSPU!