Our upcoming 6 Weeks to Summer Nutrition Challenge begins next week! If you are interested, sign up HERE! For more info, click HERE!


Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes

Set 1: 10 Front Squats @65%

Set 2: 10 Front Squats @65%

Set 3: 8 Front Squats @75%

Set 4: 8 Front Squats @75%

Set 5: 6 Front Squats @ 80%

Set 6: 6 Front Squats @80%

*% are based off your 3 RM.  If you are unsure that is fine, just progress up in load*


Burpee (touch a target)
Fitness: 75/55
RX: 95/65
RX+: 115/75
Coach Ryan just doing some casual stretches #mobilityiseverything

Summer is right around the corner! To celebrate the start of summer we are kicking off another Clean Eating Challenge at CFH. Our last challenge held in January was a huge success. Participants lost inches, pounds of body fat, and increased their muscle mass. The winter challenge was structured as a “hard reset” button following the holiday season. Alcohol, sugars, and some other things were eliminated for the duration of the challenge. The summer kickoff challenge is going to be structured a little differently. We are still calling it a challenge because it will require your dedication and focus to...