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10 Power Snatch
15 Pull ups
600 M Run
1 Min Rest
4 Rounds
Fitness: 75/55
RX: 95/65

Coaching tip: treat this as a day to work on form and technique on your power snatch and pull ups, not an all out sprint. Shoot for a pace on your run that you will be able to maintain across all four rounds.


The team attacking a hill sprint

  Attention to any and all CFH members looking to get stronger and get smarter about their training -- we are excited to announce that registration is now open for Coach JP’s 3rd Annual Strength Class!   Classes will be Monday/Wednesday at 6:30PM and will begin on Monday May 22nd. We will be using the lifts that make up the CrossFit Total --back squat, deadlift and overhead press-- and focus on building strength for 10 weeks culminating in a group lift off where we will test our progress together.   The cost is $235 for 10 weeks of individual programming and small group coaching. So what do...