Gym Announcements

JP’s Strength Class begins next week! Interested? Click HERE, or read more about it HERE!

Want to hear more about JP’s Strength Class!? He is hosting a free seminar this Sunday from 9:00 am-10:30 am.  He will talk about his strength class then break people out into groups to find a 1 RM in their Squat, Deadlift or Strict Press.  If you want some instruction, a little insight on his course and a heavy day this is all you!

Wine + WOD is this Friday! WOD starts at 5:30, and wine after that! If you are coming, sign up here.


0-7 minutes
Max Burpees
(touch a target)
7-10 Rest
10-16 minutes
10 Pull ups
30 Double Unders
16-17 Rest
 17-20 min
Max KB Swings
Score = total Reps



 A big class going overhead!