Below is a great post written by Coach John P.  Please take the time to read it.  It will help everyone gain some insight. You should all know something about the coaches here at CFH – We are always listening.  Not only do we listen when folks come up to share successes or failures with us or ask us questions but we hear the side talk to and try to learn from it. One of the more recent comments was between two guys who had just completed a workout.  One asked how the other did in the WOD.  His reply was along...

We are running a normal class schedule today. All normally scheduled class are ON!

Strength/ Skill WOD

10 Single Arm DB Press (standing position, 10 per arm)
Max Doubles in 1 minute
20 Hollow Rocks
 3 Rnds


Box Jump Over
Fitness: 185/125 (Weighted Step up, two DBs in each hand 20/14)
RX: 225/155 (30 inch/24 inch)
RX+: 275/165 (30 inch/24 inch)



Fez getting over the box in style!