I recently had a chance to attend the CrossFit Gymnastics certification course in Brooklyn, NY and wanted to share some of my class experiences with the community.  It was an enriching 2-days during which I was constantly humbled and impressed often by the instructors and fellow attendees.  My first “lesson” has to do with scaling – something we all do or have had to do at some point during training and Metcons here at CFH. In addition to spending the first hour working on how we grip the pull-up bar and the basic kip while hanging from said bar, I picked...


4 Rounds:
1 minute Wall Balls
1 minute Cals on the Bike
1 minute Russian KB Swings
1 minute Strict Pull ups
2 minutes rest
Fitness: (14/10) Ring Rows (35/26)
Performance: (20/14) Strict Pull ups
Open: Strict (20/14) Strict Pull ups
The 2 minutes rest should give you a chance to attack each station.  The fitness track has ring rows to enable you to keep moving while building strength.  Be sure to come down to full extension on pull ups and ring rows on each rep to ensure safety. 


Maria working on those beach muscles!