With the summer weather in full effect, there is no escaping sweat. Maybe you love the feeling you get after a long sweaty workout, and maybe you could do without all of the excess fluid dripping out of your pores. Sweat is a natural and healthy response to increased body temperature. As the body's temperature rises, the nervous system stimulates sweat glands all over your body to release sweat. There are two types of sweat glands- eccrine, and apocrine. Eccrine glands release sweat in response to increased body temperature. Apocrine glands, located in the groin and armpits, can be stimulated...


“Row, Run, Row”
1,000 M Row
1 Mile Run
1,000 M Row
20 min Cap
Rest then

Core  WOD

Demand Abs

:20 Hollow

:20 Flutter Kick

:20 Rest



**We will be entering into two new cycles.  An endurance cycle and a push press cycle.  The endurance test will be the “Row, Run, Row” that we have scheduled for today. We will retest the same workout in 10-12 weeks. The Push Press test will be a two rep push press which we will hit tomorrow.  We have been out of a cycle for a few weeks so this will be our focus for the next 10-12 weeks! Lets get faster and stronger!
The noon crew getting flexy…