We Are Expanding! When we opened my goal was to bring CrossFit to Federal Hill.  So much has changed since then.  It has become much more than a gym with people that are much more than athletes.  It is a special place that I absolutely love to be in and around. That is because of you, the community, who creates the feel and atmosphere of the gym. Your overwhelming support has allowed CFH to expand! We will have another location opening up in Harbor East! I truly mean this when I say that I owe it to anyone who is reading...

Labor Day Schedule:

Monday, September 4th, we will be holding a 9AM and 10Am class only!

Come get your fitness in to start off your Labor Day!

Partner WOD

300 Double Unders
200 Push ups
100 Power Cleans
Fitness: 600 singles;  95/65
Performance: 115/75
Open: 135/95
Coaching tip: For today’s partner workout, one person works at a time – split up the reps however you would like. There are a lot of push ups programmed today, but make sure that you are moving well throughout. It is better to do fewer, better push ups, than more sub-par push ups. Choose a power clean weight that will allow you to move through 5-10 reps unbroken even while fatigued.
Coach Alexa on Doubles!