Mobility. In my mind, there are only two types of people when it comes to this topic. People who work on mobility, and people who don’t. It’s as simple as that. I believe this is one of the absolutely, most underrated and most under-valued areas in CrossFit. In our 60 minutes a day, depending on the WOD, we spend 15-30min warming up, mobilizing, and stretching in a variety of different ways working towards being as warmed up as possible for that day’s tasks. So, that means if it’s snatches we work a lot on shoulder mobility, some lower body (ankles, hips,...

Today is a day in which we are called to remember the heroic sacrifice of those involved in the attacks on our nation on September 11, 2001. Although to some a workout may seem like a small way to honor those who gave their lives on this day, it is a gesture in which we remember and honor all those who died on this day and in service to others. It is a way in which we put our brief discomforts aside, using them as a way to honor those who can no longer be with us. It’s a way that as the CrossFit Federal Hill community we can come together and honor some of our nation’s heroes.



800 M Run
9 Front Squats
11 Hanging Power Cleans
3 Rnds
Fitness: 115/75
Performance: 155/105
Open: 175/115
One Special Community…