Reminder- New parking situation is in effect.  The lot next to the gym is no longer ours.  Check HERE for more details on where to park.

Please make sure you are in the back gravel lot (basically behind Little Havana).  You can only park in this lot for 2 hours and cannot leave your car there overnight. ALL tickets must be stamped to receive free parking.  The stamp will be located under the front TVs on the shelf.  Please do not REMOVE the stamp from there.

Strength WOD

Push Press
(build up in load)


 11 Burpees
12 Push Press
13 Toes to Bar
Rest 30 seconds
4 Rnds
Fitness: 95/65 (15 sit ups)
Performance: 115/75
Open: 135/95 (15 toes to bar)
Do not forget to have fun!

One last blog article from Coach Alexa as she takes on her new adventure.   There is a phrase that I run into coaching that makes my blood curl. It is my least favorite thing to hear an athlete say. That phrase is “I can’t.” There have been countless times I have been coaching someone, offered a challenging but do-able modification or progression that I am certain the athlete is capable of doing, that will take them to the next level, to be told “I can’t.” Coaches care. We care about your growth as athletes and as people. We put in the time...