On September 30th, our Saturday CrossFit classes came together to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  As a gym, we raised $500.  $250 was donated to the "Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund" and $250 was donated to "One American Appeal".  Just another reason that the CFH and CrossFit Community are so awesome and inspiring.  Thank you to those who contributed!...

Strength WOD

Front Squats
(Same weight across, try to make 100% of your 2 RM Hanging Squat Clean)


1 Arm Alternating DB Snatch
40 Air squats after each set
End with Air squats
Fitness: Light Weight DB
Performance: 50/35
Open: 50/35 (Goblet Squat 35/26)
The strength WOD here ties into our cycle.  Do your best to hit a heavy load across.  This will get you comfortable squatting the load you are going after in a hanging squat clean.
For the DB Snatch, come from the ground just like the Open.  BUT, unlike the Open, DBs should not be dropped.
Brittany looking focused as she approaches the bar.