Calling all volunteers… if you are looking for a great opportunity to serve at Battle of Baltimore, here is your chance.

We are looking for volunteers for the event. We have three different shift options:

1) 7:30am-11am

2) 11am-3pm

3) all day – 730am-3pm.


If you or someone you know is interested in being part of this event please register through the link below. We look forward to hosting all the athletes and volunteers.

Battle of Baltimore Volunteers


8 min EMOM
2 Deadlifts
(same weight across)


30 Walking Goblet Lunges
20 Pull ups
10  Burpees
3 Rounds
Open: Chest to bar


10 Shuttle Runs
20 V-ups
30 Air Squats
40 Russian Swings
50 Second Low Plank
3 Rounds
Nothing wrong with keeping a smile on your face for air squats, right Wendy?
Gym News: 
1/20/18 FIVE Year Anniversary Party- Sign up HERE
1/27/18 Battle of Baltimore (CFH closed) 

Congratulations! To everyone that completed the 100,000 meter rowing challenge. Industry Athletics offered this challenge right after Thanksgivings, giving all our athletes until just before the New Year to complete these meters.

A round of applause to everyone that participated. This was not an easy task but it showed great dedication and determination by each person. There was a great number of athletes that showed up early or stayed after class to get as many meters as possible.

Check out this list of athletes who completed (or exceeded) the 100,000m Rowing challenge:

Adam C. (CFH)

Alex H.  (CFHE)

Ashton (CFH)

Becky (CFHE)

Bryan S.  (CFH)

Dundas (CFH)

Drew (CFH)

Elliott (CFHE)

Fernando (CFH)

Gabby  (CFHE)

Hugh (CFH)

Immi (CFH)

James C. (CFH)

Jen B.  (CFHE)

Jess B.  (CFHE)

Josh D.  (CFH)

Kaitlyn (CFH)

Kevin U. (CFH)

Keith (CFH)

Kerry (CFH)

Michele (CFHE)

Parker  (CFHE)

Tara (CFH)

Sarah L. (CFH)

Sarah M. (CFH)

Sara W.  (CFH)

Shana (CFH)

Scott B.  (CFHE)

Sean C.  (CFH)

Xinyi (CFH)

An even bigger congratulations to Kevin U. (CFH) who rowed 500,000m. If you did not get a chance to participate this year, look for this to show up again next year!


Awesome job athletes!