With many of us coming off of excessive holiday eating, we are looking to kick off the New Year in the best way!  Many of us set both fitness and nutrition goals.  To aid in your success we are offering a nutrition challenge!  This is 5 weeks to a new you… but you won’t be alone!  Although sign ups will be individual, you will be paired up with another participant for greater accountability.  There will be some rules, but more importantly, you will be coached on developing the mindset that will transform and ingrain these guidelines into habit and lifestyle.

“Eating clean” is one of the least restrictive and most effective pathways to better health. You’ll learn how to identify and eliminate processed foods that may be wreaking havoc on your body, and how to replace them with foods that will make you stronger, leaner, and overall better. Most importantly, you will be coached to adopt the mindset that will make this outlook your lifestyle, setting you up for success in this new year and beyond.

This Challenge will be led by coach Brittany and will last 5 weeks. To learn more about her check out our Nutrition Page http://www.industryathletics.com/core-nutrition/

The cost is $65 and includes the following: 

  • Kick off Meeting Sunday January 21stat 10:30 am
  • Official start on Thursday January 25th
  • End challenge on Sunday February 25th
  • Access to a Private Facebook page to post recipes, challenges, successes etc
  • InBody Composition Analysis at the beginning and end

9-10:30 AM on Sunday January 21st  

9-12 AM on the 25th of February

Body Scan times are set.  If you can not make these times you can still participate in the challenge, but you will not get scanned. Once you sign up we will send you a link to schedule your pre and post scan. ‘

Group Challenges and having a partner who is also invested will increase accountability. Each week a recipe and/or fitness article will be shared with you along with weekly challenges to enhance your results. There will be a can and can not eat list as this is a time to reset the body and clean out the sludge from the holidays. And instill healthy eating habits that can be pulled through all year long. This challenge is for those that are looking for fat loss, muscle gain and increased performance and just overall enhanced nutrition.

The person with the best scan! Most body fat% lost and lean Muscle% gain will win A FREE MONTH!

Sign up through these links:

CrossFit Federal Hill

CrossFit Harbor East

If you would like to further enhance your results and receive personalized plan use the below link to schedule an appointment to speak 1:1 with Brittany.



1 Minute at Each Station:
1 Minute of Rowing
1 Minute of Double Unders
1 Minute of Pull Ups
1 Minute Rest
6 Rounds
Score = Total Reps
Josh with some hard core focus as he works his way through his pull ups.
Save the Dates:
Saturday, January 20th:
Don’t miss CrossFit Federal Hill’s 5 Year Anniversary party!  Sign up through this link.
Saturday, January 27th:
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