Skill WOD

Spend 10 minutes working on Handstand Push Ups


4 Russian KB Swings
4 Sit ups
4 1 ARM DB Push Press (switch however you want)
40 Double Unders
20 Minute AMRAP
Add two reps each around to everything except the double unders.

Great job on 18.1! We had a great turn out on Friday night at Federal Hill and Harbor East. Make sure to keep up the hard work throughout the next 4 weeks!

Below is the breakdown of the intramural points after Week 1. Keep up the good work team!

Top 3 Rx Male & Female Federal Hill – 3 Points Each:

Ryan Grantham (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

David Jones (Metcon Artists)

Sam Lauber (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

Megan Wall (#Freedom)

Candace Rubenstein (24 KG Magic)

Hana Machover (24KG Magic)

Harbor East

Parker Phillips (24KG Magic)

TJ Lipinski (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

Jose Aguirre (Metcon Artists)

Jessica Blumberg (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

Kira Polimeni (Metcon Artists)

Rachel Claire (24KG Magic)


Top 3 Scaled Male & Female Federal Hill – 3 Points Each:

Pat Gaughran (Metcon Artists)

Rene’ Esparza (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

Dan McCulley (#Freedom)

Lori McDonnell (#Freedom)

June Ruppert (MetCon Artist)

Elizabeth Erickson (#Freedom)

Harbor East

Mariano Wecer (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

Ari Zayon (Metcon Artists)

Travis Mulkay (#Freedom)

Rebecca Lolley (Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it)

Jennifer Benkassem (#Freedom)

Michele Rack (24KG Magic)

Best Team Selfie – 5 Points:

Winning Selfie has to go to 24KG Magic- Creativity points= 100



Standings After Week 1

1st Place- 24KB Magic -60

2nd Place- Dave Castro hates you, and he’s always OPEN about it- 59

3rd Place- MetCon Artists – 58

4th Place- #Freedom -54


We will have an online challenge this week! Submissions are due by Monday at 8PM (just like 18.2).  Take a picture of the most creative place to do a handstand.  Throwing it back to last year!


Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
5 Deadlifts
7 Ring Dips
14 Reverse Lunges (holding KBs or DBs in each hand)

Skill Work 

10 Right Leg Glute Bridge
:40 Second D Ball Carry (hug at chest or below)
10 Right Leg Glute Bridge
1:00 High Plank
3 Rounds
Today we start with a strength style WOD and then finish with skill work.  Work through the deadlifts with challenging weights.  Make the most out of the movements and you will get the most out of today’s work.


Nutrition does not have to be complicated.  There is no secret pill or juice that is going to instantly get you to your goals but consistency, time, and dedication WILL.  

Whether I am working 1:1 with a client or a group during a challenge we discuss healthy habits.  So what are the healthy habits we follow….

  1. Protein at EVERY meal
  2. Vegetables (1-2 cups) at EVERY meal
  3. Consume Starchy Carbs at the meals that surround your workout
  4. Consume added or high fat foods at meals away from your workout
  5. Practice mindful eating….stop eating when you are 80% full

Looking for success?! Keep your diet simple.  Implement the above theories and plan your days in advance.  There is nothing wrong with eating similar or the same meals each weekday to aid in your success and change it up on the weekends.  

Written By: Coach Brittany

Hey Harbor East Crew! In an effort bring more Nutrition into the gym we want to give away a few InBody scans.  We will have 9 time slots open.  Coach Brittany showing her personal progress! Curious to know your body composition?  Looking to make enhancements to your nutrition?  Coach Brittany is scheduling 15 mins appointments on Tuesday 2/27/18 from 4pm to 6:15.  Come in receive a free Inbody scan and talk with her about your goals and nutrition.  If you are ready to commit and improve your health you can also reach out to her directly to schedule a 1:1 appointment and enroll...

Skill WOD

10 Ring Rows
10 Single Arm Dumbbell Rows
10 Bird dogs
3 Rounds


20/15 Cal Row
15 Power Snatch
15 Burpees
3 Rounds


30 Sit Ups
30 Walking Lunges with DB Overhead (switch every 15 reps)
100 Single Unders
3 Rounds
Rest 3 Minutes
15 Ring Rows
15 Burpees
50 Air Squats
3 Rounds