Strength WOD

Take 15 minutes to find a heavy 1 RM Clean and Jerk


Pull ups
Fitness: 75/55
Performance: 95/65
Open: 95/65

Shari working on the rings!


Sign up for the Open today!  Read about our Intramural Open here or sign up directly through this link.

Anxiously awaiting the announcement of 17._
The 2018 CrossFit Open is rapidly approaching!  This is a fun, challenging, and exciting time around the gym.  It is a chance to test your fitness against the best in the world, as well as against yourself.  This time of year we see people accomplish things they always thought were out of their reach as well as push themselves harder than your everyday workout.  The Open is open to everyone, no matter your skill level or how long you have been doing CrossFit.
For the past 2 years, we have run an Intramural Open to create some friendly competition within the gym.  This year, we get to recreate that with 2 gyms!  If you sign up for the Open, you will automatically be put on one of four teams.  Throughout the 5 weeks, we will all participate in some friendly competition amongst teams.  Points will be awarded each week and the winner at the end will earn bragging rights (Shout out to the 2017 Champs #LacticAcidFlashbacks!) and their team name on a permanent banner displayed at CFH.

Weekly Points will be awarded for:

-Top 3 Scaled athletes = 3 points each

-Top 3 RX athletes = 3 points each

-Best Selfie: Team Captain must submit weekly team selfie to CFH email by Monday morning = 5 points

-Best Team Spirit: Based on best Friday Night Lights performance as a team. Decided on by CFH coaches = 5 points

-Teammates who log a score on = 1 point

There will be additional challenges each week where teams can earn extra points…

Read more about it and sign up TODAY through the CrossFit Games site.
Below is a summary of some common questions that I think we will be getting.  In the end this is what we hope for.  A 5 week celebration of fitness that combines both communities.  Saturday mornings that are fun, challenging, uncomfortable, but full of unwavering support.
What team should I sign up for?

Fed Hill Athletes should sign up with Fed Hill

Harbor East Athletes should sign up with Harbor East

We will mix the teams in the intramural open.  Remember the intramural open has nothing to do with CFHQ; that is run through Industry Athletics.

There will be four teams for the intramural open.  2 team captains from Federal Hill and 2 Team Captains from Harbor East.

We will host the workouts every Saturday at 9 am.  We will rotate which gym is hosting.  Everyone from both gyms is welcome to come if you are signed up for the open.

Week 1- Federal Hill – 2/24

Week 2- Harbor East – 3/3

Week 3- Federal Hill – 3/10

Week 4- Harbor East – 3/17

Week 5- Federal Hill Followed by a big pot luck to celebrate all the fitness! – 3/24

The non-host gym will still have a 9 am and 10 am CrossFit Class.  The host gym will have a 8 am CrossFit class.  If you just want to get a  workout in outside of the Open, you are welcome to workout at either gym that day no matter which you belong to.  Everyone is welcome to throw down at the host gym even if you are not registered for the Open!  The workout that day will be the CrossFit Open workout.

If you still have questions, shoot us an email, ask your coach, ask a friend.  But if you’re on the fence, the answer is – Yes!  You should do it!