In Teams of Three:
From 0-10 Minutes
15 Toes to Bar/15 Sit ups
Max Push Press
From 10-20 Minutes
25 KB Swings
Max Burpees
From 20-30 Minutes
Row 250 Meters
Max Goblet Squat
**Rotate each station when the person on the Row or KB Swings is done with the work.  Score would be total push press, burpees and front squats combined.


Every 5 Minutes for 15 Minutes
500/400 M Row
15 Sit ups
1 ARM DB Thruster (10 each side)
Hold Low plank for remaining time
Rest 5 Minutes
EMOM for 15 minutes
Min 1: 50 Doubles or 100 Singles
Min 2: 10 Ring Rows with a pause at the top
Min 3: 20 Reverse Goblet Lunges
We start them young around here!

Federal Hill will be closed today due to a Level 1.  All Industry Athletics members are welcome to come workout today at Harbor East!