Congratulations to our June Committed Club Members.  These people attended (and signed into!) 20 or more classes during the month of June.  They showed a solid commitment to CrossFit and, more importantly, to their own personal goals. Keep up the good work!

Ashton Hyde 32

Fernando Elizalde 27

Mallory Beck 21

Jessica Konigsberg 21

Yuriy Mamed-Zade 21

Mike Salamon 20

Next time you see them around the gym, give them a high five (or a hug, hugs are great too)!

We do our best to make sure we give credit to everyone who has reached the 20 classes each month.  If you think you should have made the club and don’t see your name, PLEASE reach out and we will right our wrongs!


Run 800 meters
Then two rounds of:
50 Burpees
40 Pull-ups
30 One-legged squats
20 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
10 Handstand push-ups
Run 800 meters
U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Justin E. Schmalstieg, 28, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, assigned to the 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, died on December 15, 2010 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Ann Schneider, parents John and Deborah Gilkey, and brother John.

Hey Team!

DRIVE30 is our 30 minute express class at CrossFit Harbor East.  We run it from 11:30 am to Noon on T, W, and TH.  It started strong with 6-10 people in each class.  Currently it is down to 1-2 people in each class.

Cast your vote by showing up or emailing us about how much you enjoy the time slot.  We will take the next two weeks to evaluate.  If attendance does not pick up we will take this class time down.

Thanks for the help!

Geo and Nicole