Skill WOD

Muscle Up cycle 
(5 Reps) 2 Ring Pulls to chest then 1 Transition (See Video) 
(5 Reps) 5 Kips into 5 Strict Ring Pull Ups
4 Rounds
Pull Up cycle 
1 Negative as slow as possible
Directly into 10-15 Seated Barbell Pull ups
10 Underhand grip barbell rows
4 Rounds


4 Power Cleans
30 Doubles
5 Rounds
Rest 1 Minute
4 Hanging Power Cleans
10 Box Jumps
5 Rounds
18 Minute cap
Fitness: 115/75
Performance: 155/105
Open: 185/125

DRIVE – CFH 5:30pm

3 Minutes on 1 Minute off for 6 Rounds
200 M Run
10/7 Cal Ski
Max Wall Balls

DRIVE – CFHE 11:30

EMOM x 8 minutes
8 KB swings
8 Box jumps
3 rounds
1 minute Push Ups
1 minute Sit Ups
-rest 1 minute-
Check out the first part of this video for tips on the Ring Pull Transitions.

Earlier this year, a notification from the Veteran owned company, GoRuck, came across my news feed announcing that they would be hosting the inaugural 50+ Mile Star Course in none other than our beautiful nation’s capital. GoRuck is a company built by Special Forces Green Berets that designed rucks that could be utilized in both the military and civilian setting. As the company grew, they realized there was a niche they could tap into. Millions of people love to sign up for races such as a 5k, half/full marathons, triathlons, Spartan races, etc. finding joy in testing their body’s limit....