Strength WOD

Spend 12 Minutes working up to a heavy double OHS


400 M Run
24 Burpee
24 KB Swing
400 M Run
20 OHS (empty bar)
25 Burpee
20 OHS (empty bar)
25 KB Swings
20 OHS (empty bar)
Fitness 95/65 (10 front squats, into 20 front squats)
Performance: 135/95

DRIVE – CFH 6:30pm

4 Minute AMRAP
10 DB Deadlifts
10 Bent over DB Rows
10 Hollow Rocks
4 Minute AMRAP
Max Cals on Rower
2 Minute AMRAP
Max KB Swing
Rest 2 Minutes
2 Rounds

AM Barbell Club at Federal Hill with Coach Marissa! 

Class Starts: Monday, July 23rd

Time: 6:00 am -7:30 am Monday and Wednesday

Pricing: $70 per month

Cap: 15 person cap with a 7 person minium.  (If we do not have 7 people we will not launch the course)

Sign up: Click on this link Olympic Lifting Course or Put your name on the front whiteboard!

Heavy 1 rep
Summer is the time for gains! As we move away from the 2018 open and start training for 2019,
upcoming competitions, and functional fitness in your regular life, we move into a building
phase. This means developing strength as the foundation for all the goals you have throughout
the year.

This upcoming weightlifting cycle will be focused on hitting heavy singles at each session. The
goal of the 10 week cycle will be to advance the 1 RM for both snatch and clean and jerk, with
the added benefit of moving heavy loads more efficiently and improving technique.
Class begins Monday July 23 rd and will run through the end of September. Class will run
Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6-7:30, with one additional solo homework.

Sign up link–>>Olympic Lifting Class

The class is only $70 a month because there will be 2 meetings a week instead of 3.  If you are looking to improve your technique and lift heavy this is the class to sign up for!

P.S.- We know it is early! If you want to get strong you are going to have to make it happen!


“Tackling the Muscle up

takes strength, commitment, and drills.

Let’s all learn with Friends”

–          Original Haiku by Davidson Jones


Calling all Industry Athletics family members! We are roughly halfway through our gymnastics pulling cycle, and it is high time we have a dedicated clinic to discuss one of my favorite movements, but also one of the most mis-understood…




During this clinic we will break down every part of the kipping ring muscle up, practice drills throughout each segment, and talk about proper spotting which will come in handy over the next few weeks of our gymnastics cycle. This clinic is appropriate for an athlete of any skill level who has the desire do a muscle up at some point in their CrossFit career. The right time to start working on a muscle-up is now.


WHAT: Muscle up skill clinic

WHEN: Saturday, July 21st 12:30pm – TBD (planning on 1 hour but I’m wordy when I’m excited)

WHERE: CrossFit Federal Hill

WHO: Any Industry Athletics member who wants to improve their ring muscle-up (including those who want to learn)


If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at