Harbor East will be closed Saturday and Sunday (9/1 and 9/2) for a Level 1 seminar.

Head over to Federal Hill today to get your Saturday Morning WOD in!


8 AM Drive
9 AM Crossfit
10 AM Crossfit
11 AM Crossfit & Drive
Open gym at Federal Hill from 12-2pm.

Partner WOD

15 Thrusters
15 Pull ups
10 Rounds
*1 partner is running a 400 M run while the other is working on the rounds*
Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 115/75
Open: 135/95
25 Minute CAP

Partner DRIVE

20 Syncro KB Swings
30 Partner Wall Balls
40/30 Cal Row
6 Rounds
32 Minute Time Cap
For the wall balls it is 30 total tosses.  For the KB Swings each partner does 20.  For the Row divide the work up evenly.

Industry Athletics is happy to announce Barbell Club  will be returning to Crossfit Harbor east next month! Starting, September 18th, Barbell Club will be back  for a 12 week long cycle. The focus of this cycle will be on seeking technical improvements in the Olympic lifts while maximizing strength gain through squatting, as well as various types of deadlifts and accessory work!

Class will meet 2x per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm),  with athletes be provided a third day of programming that they have the option to complete on their own during Open Gym hours.

The purpose of the program is to help athletes of all proficiency levels develop their weightlifting strength and technique. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to CrossFit or have been doing it for years, this program will be able to help every athlete improve their weightlifting and overall CrossFit performance. Below are some of the amazing results from this past cycle!

  • Gabby
    • Snatch: Beginning of the cycle #130, End of cycle #155
    • Clean & Jerk: Beginning of cycle #170, End of cycle #210
  • Laura
    • Snatch: Beginning of the cycle #70, End of cycle #80
    • Overhead Squat: Beginning of cycle #55, End of cycle #100
    • Clean & Jerk: Beginning of cycle #105, End of cycle #115
  • Mao
    • Back Squat: Beginning of cycle #215, End of cycle #235
    • Snatch: Beginning of the cycle #105, End of cycle #135
    • Front Squat: Beginning of cycle #205, End of cycle #215

Each month will be capped at 12 athletes —to ensure personalized attention!— The cost of this program is  $70 per month for participation. The course will be managed, everything from programming to coaching, by Coach Carey and Coach Jamie.

Click Here to Sign Up !
If you have any questions about the program,
please email: harboreast@industryathletics.com

Harbor East will be closed Saturday and Sunday (9/1 and 9/2) for a Level 1 seminar.


15 Hanging Cleans
10 Front Rack Lunges
15 Sit Ups
12 Minute AMRAP
Fitness: 75/55
Performance: 95/65
Open: 115/75

Core WOD

:30 Bottoms up Overhead KB Walk (L)
:30 Bottoms up Overhead KB Walk (R)
:30 Hollow hold
:30 Flutter Kicks
4 Rounds

Harbor East will be closed Saturday and Sunday (9/1 and 9/2) for a Level 1 seminar.


5 Minutes on 1 Minute off
30 Alt DB Snatch
25 Push Ups
2 Rope Climbs
Max Cals on the Rower
5 Rounds
*If you can do 25 push ups unbroken get a 10lb plate and put it on your back*

DRIVE – CFH 5:30pm

50 Double Unders
50 Mountain Climbers
10 Bentover DB Rows (2 dbs)
10 DB Floor Presses
5 Rounds
Rest then…
With an 8 Minute running clock
1:00 Easy Bike
1:00 Plank

We are excited to announce that starting Tuesday, September 4th, we will be expanding the Harbor East schedule and adding 2 additional mid-day CrossFit classes during the work week: one on Tuesday & one on Thursday.  This expansion will allow Industry Athletic members the option of a mid-day workout Monday through Friday, and fill the gap in our current schedule. These classes will mirror that of our current Noon class format, being one hour in duration.

If you have any questions, please email us at Harboreast@industryathletics.com.
Otherwise, start rearrange those meetings and work lunches (if possible), so you can join us next week & help us launch these new classes!

Training Cycle Dates: M 8/27/18 – Su 9/24/9/30
Test Week: M 9/24/18 – Su 10/1/18
Transition Week: Will be the first week of the following cycle, starting October 1st 


We will continue to build off of our last cycle, working to improve overhead stability and overall pushing strength by working on handstand push ups and different handstand push up progressions.  Throughout this cycle we will focus on building lean mass through controlled tempo volume work on slow lifts.  While our barbell focus will be the deadlift.

At the beginning of the cycle, athlete will find and establish a heavy 1 RM, which we will then work to improve over the course of 8 weeks.  This will be accomplished through the use of Box Squats in conjunction with accessory work and a regularly scheduled Deadlifts work.  Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to see over the next 8 weeks.


Handstand Day
Our main focus in this cycle will be to improve the strict HSPU.  This will also be an opportunity for athletes to work on being inverted and achieving their first Handstand, in addition to the strength necessary for a push up. Proper position while maintaining a tight core will also be an area of focus.


Longer endurance type of day, possible accessory or strength training work 

Deadlift Day : Lift Big, Eat Big!


Skill work day: 3 big areas of focus will be pull ups, rope climbs, and toes to bar


Single arm or Single Leg DB work. Athletes can expect to see body building tempo work here, specifically movements that will help improve shoulder and hip stability & strength.


Met Con Fun! A mix of lifts and gymnastics to get the heart rate going and keep the fun rolling

Rest or come in for open gym to make up any work you missed!

Harbor East will be closed Saturday and Sunday (9/1 and 9/2) for a Level 1 seminar.

Strength WOD

Take 20 Minutes to find a heavy 1 RM Deadlift


30 Burpee Box Jumps
30 Toes to Bar
30 Push Jerks
15 Burpee Box Jumps
15 Toes to Bar
15 Push Jerks
12 Minute AMRAP
Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 115/75
Open: 135/95

DRIVE – CFH 6:30pm

5/5 Front Rack DB Back Step Lunges
10 Weighted Sit Ups Plate Overhead
4 Rounds
1 Minute at each station for 18 Minutes
Ski for Cals
Single Arm DB Front Rack Squat (switch sides every 5 reps)
KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Harbor East will be closed Saturday and Sunday (9/1 and 9/2) for a Level 1 seminar.  

Skill WOD

8 Single Arm Bent Over DB Row (8 each arm)
8 Ring Dips
4 Rounds


600/500 M Row
50 Doubles
30 Power Cleans
600/500 M Row
50 Doubles
30 Front Squats
Fitness: 115/75
Performance: 135/95
Open: 155/105
20 Minute time cap.

DRIVE – CFH 5:30pm

5 Tempo Ring Rows (3 seconds on the way down 3 seconds on the way up)
10 Push Ups (go weighted if you can)
Sled Pull (down and back)
3 Rounds
Every 7 Minutes for 21 Minutes
800 M Run
16 Single Arm Curl to Press
Max Burpees

Hey Team,

Few quick announcements regarding Next weekend (Labor Day Weekend):

  • Crossfit Harbor East will be closed for a Level One seminar both Saturday, September 1st, and Sunday, September 2nd. Crossfit Federal Hill will be open Saturday and will be kicking off a brand new weekend schedule.
  • Starting September 1st, CFH’s weekend schedule will be:8 AM Drive
    9 AM Crossfit
    10 AM Crossfit
    11 AM Crossfit & Drive

    Following the 11 o’clock classes, we will now be offering Open gym at Federal Hill from 12-2pm. We will be monitoring attendance for Open gym and pending the interest level, may consider adding it to the Harbor East schedule as well.

  • Sunday Open Gym at Federal Hill will be held at it’s usual time (9-Noon),  CFHE schedule will be adjusted for the L1 and will be posted as soon as it is finalized.
  • Monday, September 3rd, we will have an adjusted schedule at both CFHE & CFH. There will only be 2 classes  (9 AM & 10 AM) at both locations, all others will be canceled.  Both classes will be a Hero WOD. Regular hours at both gyms will resume Tuesday September 4th.


30 Strict Handstand Push ups for Time (6 min cap)
50 Push Ups for Time (6 min Cap)
**For this cycle you have two options, get your first push up or work towards a strict Handstand Push up. If you need help or guidance deciding, just ask a coach!


Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes
200 M Run
10 Hanging Power Snatch
Fitness: 95/65 (hanging clean, front rack lunge)
Performance: 115/75
Open: 135/95

DRIVE – CFH 6:30pm

2K Row
(12 Minute Time Cap)
Recover then
1:00 at each station
Air Squats
Side Plank (30 on each side)
Strict Leg Raises while hanging from pull up bar
4 Rounds