Hey Industry Athletics!

You might have seen an event floating around on facebook but tomorrow (August 2nd) evening we will be helping to host Fit before Flicks at the Visionary Arts museum just down the road from CrossFit Federal Hill. This will be a 45 minute Drive style class just prior to their showing of The Birds (1963). 

So, if you’re looking for a bonus fitness opportunity or just want to get outside, consider joining Coach Jaclyn tomorrow at 6:30pm! This is an extra opportunity to get a workout in and does not replace any of CrossFit Federal Hill’s regularly scheduled classes. For more information, check out the facebook event.

Strength WOD

Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
1 Power Clean + 2 Split Jerks


5 Push Jerks
20 Box Jumps
5 Push Jerks
50 Double Unders
3 Rounds
Fitness: 95/65 (10 reps)
Performance: 155/105
Open: 185/125

DRIVE – CFH 5:30pm

From 0-3 Minutes
500/400 M Ski
From 3-6 Minutes
From 6-18 Minutes
12 DB Cleans (2 Dbs)
12 Box Jumps
12 Plank Walks (one rep starts at the top then finishes at the top)
From 18-21
From 21-24
500/400 M Ski