Skill WOD

12 Minutes
Min 1: Banded Pull Aparts
Min 2: Reverse Snow Angels
Min 3: 5 Muscle Snatch/5 Hanging Power Snatch/5 Snatch Balance


Track Triplet (2012 Games workout) 
8 Power Snatch
7 Bar Muscle Ups
400 M Run
3 Rounds
Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 115/75
Open: 115/75


3 Rounds
400 M Run
25 Goblet Squats
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Rounds
400 M Row
25 DB Push Ups
(Place dbs on the ground and use them for PU to create a small deficit)

Congratulations to our July Committed Club Members.  These people attended (and signed into!) 20 or more classes during the month of July.  They showed a solid commitment to CrossFit and, more importantly, to their own personal goals. Keep up the good work!

Ashton Hyde 32

Fernando Elizalde 29

Ryan Shovlin 24

Kaitlyn Elizalde 22

Jaclyn Sienkiewicz 22

Yuriy Mamed-Zade 22

Michael Ruth 21

Mallory Beck 21

Christine Mccoy 20

Hilde Li 20

Brent Arihood 20

Sean Costigan 20

Next time you see them around the gym, give them a high five (or a hug, hugs are great too)!

We do our best to make sure we give credit to everyone who has reached the 20 classes each month.  If you think you should have made the club and don’t see your name, PLEASE reach out and we will right our wrongs!