6 Romanian Deadlifts
6 Overhand Grip Barbell Rows
4 Rounds


OTMEM for 16 minutes

Min 1: Max Doubles
Min 2: Max Steps – Walking Lunge 1 DB overhead
Min 3: Max Pull ups
Min 4: Rest


Every 2 minutes for 10 Minutes
16 Walking Lunges (KBs in Front Rack position)
10 Sit ups
Every 5 minutes for 20 minutes
10 Strict Pull ups or 5 Negatives
25 Air Squats
50 Mountain Climbers
100 Single Unders
Max Cals on the Ski
**Save the Date**
Saturday October 13th  – Flu Shots offered at CFH 8:30am-1:30pm
Saturday October 20th – Flu Shots offered at CFHE 8:30am-1:30pm
Saturday October 20th/21st – CFH closed due to CF-L1 Seminar
Saturday October 27th- Halloween Throwdown at Harbor East!

As coaches and trainers we get asked a ton of questions about gear.  It is often a personal preference and something that will change constantly, but we wanted to put out an series of articles that goes over what we use and what we have experience with.  We are also not affiliated with any of these companies and would love to hear feedback on what you like...