Run 800 M
5 Handstand Push ups
10 Pistols
20 Doubles
10 Rounds
Run 800 M
30 min Time Cap


EMOM for 8 minutes
8 Burpees
Max DB Curls
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM for 10 minutes
Even: Max Cals on the Rower
Odd: Hold High Plank
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM for 8 minutes
16 Air Squats

Max DB Push Press (2 DBs/Alt Arms)

Adjusted Holiday Schedule
December 24th: 10:30am & Noon
December 25th- CLOSED
December 26th: CFH Noon, 4:30 & 5:40 /  CFHE 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30pm
December 31st: 6:30am, 10:30am & Noon
January 1st: 11am class, 12-1 Open gym

New Year, New Goals!  Let’s start 2019 off right and focus on enhancing our performance through improving our nutrition.  With healthy eating comes better workings, fat loss and muscle gain. Join your friends from Industry Athletics in a 5 week clean eating challenge!  There will be a few rules, but more importantly, you will be coached on developing a mindset that will ingrain and transform simple guidelines into a habit and lifestyle. ‘Eating clean’ and ‘eating to perform’ is one of the least restrictive and most effective pathways to better health. Athletes who participate in the challenge will learn how to...