Strength WOD

Take 15 minutes to complete
Push Press 3/3/3
Push Jerk 2/2/2
Split Jerk 1/1/1


Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes
12 Shuttle Sprints
20 Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead (10 Each arm)
Fitness: Max Pull ups
Performance: Max Chest to Bar
Open: Max Bar Muscle ups
**Orange pole to garage door = 1 (Fed)
**Orange pole to Orange Pole= 1 (HE)

2019 Battle of Baltimore Heat Sheet

7:00 – Athlete Check In

8:00 – Brief WOD1 and Floater WOD1

WOD #1 – Ice and Fire- Score is Time + 1 second per rep missed 

8:15 WOD1 Heat 1 Scaled

Scaled Teams 1-4
Set Addicts
Just Keep Snatching
2 Jerks and a Snatch
Rainbow Brite

8:31 WOD1 Heat 2 Scaled

Scaled Teams 5-8
The Chalking Dead
Strangers in the Alps
Bears Beets Burpees

Hate Us Cuz They Anus

8:47 WOD1 Heat 3 Scaled

Scaled Teams 9-12
Clang and Bang
Two Snatches and a Wallball
The Cougars and The Club
410 Averagely Agressive

9:03 WOD1 Heat 4 Scaled

Scaled Teams 13 – 17
Vertically Challenged
Switch Grip
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
Three Peas in a WOD

Over at 9:19 – 8 Minutes to transition to Rx – 9:27

9:27 WOD1 Heat 1 Rx

Rx Teams 1-4
Masters of the Universe
Phat and Phast
Booties and The Beast
We Run Better Than The Government

9:43 WOD1 Heat 2 Rx

Rx Teams 5-8
Two Snatches & A Jerk
Aggressively Average
Frantastic Three

9:59 WOD1 Heat 3 Rx

Rx Teams 9-12
Blasian Presuasion
Not The Cool Kind
We’re Doing Scaled, Right?

10:15 WOD 1 Heat 4 RX

Rx Teams 13-17
We go together
Taking Back Restday
Biracial Angels
Wreck Room

Over at 10:31 – Transition time and briefing for WOD 2

WOD #2 The Walking Dead – 12 min Time Cap

10:55 WOD1 Heat 1 Scaled

Scaled Teams 1-4

11:13 WOD1 Heat 2 Scaled

Scaled Teams 5-8

11:31 WOD1 Heat 3 Scaled

Scaled Teams 9-12

11:49 WOD1 Heat 4 Scaled

Scaled Teams 13 – 17

12:17 WOD1 Heat 1 Rx

Rx Teams 1-4

12:35 WOD1 Heat 2 Rx

Rx Teams 5-8

12:53  WOD1 Heat 3 Rx

Rx Teams 9-12

1:11 WOD 1 Heat 4 RX

Rx Teams 13-17

Workout # 3- The Amazing Race 13 min Time Cap

1:49 WOD1 Heat 1 Scaled

Scaled Teams 1-4

2:06 WOD1 Heat 2 Scaled

Scaled Teams 5-8

2:23 WOD1 Heat 3 Scaled

Scaled Teams 9-12

2:40 WOD1 Heat 4 Scaled

Scaled Teams 13 – 17

3:01 WOD1 Heat 1 Rx

Rx Teams 1-4

3:18 WOD1 Heat 2 Rx

Rx Teams 5-8

3:35 WOD1 Heat 3 Rx

Rx Teams 9-12

3:52 WOD 1 Heat 4 RX

Rx Teams 13-17

Over at 4:05 – Transition time and briefing for Finals

4:05 – 4:30 (24 Minutes)

FINALS – Top 5 Teams From each Division – Start Time 4:30


Team CaptainTeam #Division Team Name Affiliate
Hugh1RX DivisionMasters of the UniverseCFH
Ross2RX DivisionPhat and PhastCrossFit Federal Hill
Kelsea3RX DivisionBooties and The Beast Crossfit Harbor East and Charm City Crossfit
James4RX DivisionWe Run Better Than The GovernmentCrossFit Federal Hill
Alexandra5RX DivisionTwo Snatches & A JerkIndustry Athletics
Gary6RX DivisionAggressively Average410 CrossFit
Brandon7RX Division4peatEverlasting, Prodigy
Sam8RX DivisionFrantastic ThreeCrossFit Iniquus
Benjamin9RX DivisionBlasian PersuasionCrossfit Federal Hill
Carlos10RX DivisionRelentlessCove Crossfit
Stephen11RX DivisionNot The Cool KindStone Forge CrossFit
Allison12RX DivisionWe’re Doing Scaled, Right?Stone Forge CrossFit
Diana13RX DivisionWe go togetherWreck Room
Alexander14RX DivisionTaking Back RestdayCrossFit Federal Hill
Ken15RX DivisionBiracial AngelsIndustry Athletics
Haley16RX DivisionWreck RoomWreck Room Crossfit
Collin17RX DivisionPotentialsUn-Affiliated
Eric1Scaled DivisionSets AddictsCrossFit BWI
Jared2Scaled DivisionJust Keep SnatchingCrossFit Fed Hill
Rachel3Scaled Division2 Jerks and a SnatchWreckroom CrossFit
Kent4Scaled DivisionRainbow BriteCFHE
Mark5Scaled DivisionThe Chalking DeadWreck Room
Jennifer6Scaled DivisionStrangers in the AlpsCrossfit Federal Hill
Andy7Scaled DivisionBears Beets BurpeesCrossFit Hierarchy
Eric8Scaled DivisionHate Us Cuz They AnusTrueCore CF
SEAN9Scaled DivisionClang and BangCrossfit Catonsville
Mark10Scaled DivisionTwo Snatches and a WallballCrossfit Harbor East
Justin11Scaled DivisionThe Cougars and The ClubCrossfit  Towson
Samantha12Scaled Division410 Averagely Agressive410 Crossfit
Katie13Scaled DivisionVertically ChallengedCrossFit Cove
Kevin14Scaled DivisionSwitch GripCrossFit Hierarchy Ivy City
Devon15Scaled DivisionFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesNevermore
Jeffrey16Scaled DivisionThree Peas in a WODCrossFit Cove
Jared17Scaled DivisionYeahCrossfit Cove


Every 7 minutes for 28 minutes
____ m Row
15 DB Walking Lunge
(suitcase, front rack= 1 at side, 1 arm front rack)
15 Sit ups
15 Squat Jumps
15 Push ups

Workout Notes:Athletes should be picking weight & a track below that give them maximum 90 seconds rest. DB Load should be challenging and unbroken for the first few rounds.

Fitness: 500 m Row
Performance: 600 m Row
Open: 750m Row

When: Friday, Feb 8th @ 3 – 4:30 pm
Where: CrossFit Federal Hill

Join Laura D. for a brief introduction to hard style kettlebell movements. This mini workshop will include a technical overview of several main lifts, including the deadlift, swing, clean, high pull, snatch, windmill and (time permitting) the Turkish Get Up. We will finish up with a workout, that will put our new knowledge to the test. Laura has been teaching bells as an RKC certified instructor since June of 2017.

P.S. We know it is at an odd time.  Laura is hosting this seminar for a few colleagues of hers and is letting the IA community jump in.  If you can not make it and this interests you please email us and we will put together a more convenient time.

Skill WOD

EMOM for 10 minutes
Even: 6-8 Strict Pull ups (hold chin over bar on the last rep for 5 seconds)
Odd: 6-8 Strict Dips (hold the top of last rep for 10 seconds)


1 minute on 1 minute off for 10 Rounds
____ Cals on the Rower
4 Hang Clean and Jerk
Max Burpees over the Bar
Fitness: (8 Cals)  95/65
Performance: (8 Cals) 115/75

Open: (10 Cals) 135/95

CF Strength WOD 

Tempo Back Squats 3/3/3/3/3 , building in weight
5 Seconds down, pause in the bottom the explode up
(Athletes should aim for 60-70% of 1 RM)
Between each set
5 bent over DB Rows with each arm between sets


10 OHS
30 Double Unders
5 min AMRAP
Rest 2 minutes
8 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
5 min AMRAP
Fitness: 75/55 (95/65)
Performance: 95/65 (135/95)
Open: 115/75 (155/105)


1 minute at each station for 25 minutes
Cals on C2 Bike
No push up Burpee
Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk
Jumping Lunge



Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes
Alt DB Carry (1 DB overhead 1 DB at side- Down and Back)
Bear Crawl (orange pole and back)
10 DB Burpees
40 Air Squats
Max Cals on the Rower


In Teams of Two
Buy in: 800 M Run
5 DB Deadlifts
6 DB Power Cleans
7 DB Front Squats
20 Rounds
Cash out: 100 Cal Row
Run together, alt rounds then divide work up on the rower

30 min Cap

We all start January with the best of intentions.  Even if you don’t write down goals or intentions for the year, January is a starting over point for most of us.  It’s considered to be a time of reflection and a time to build on what has been built thus far.

In 2018, I made a resolution to take cold showers everyday.  It was a personal goal that was simple, straight forward and easy to measure.  The driving force was to bring attention to the Tall Clubs International Foundation, a non profit created to benefit tall people.   Just kidding about the driving force, but the non profit is real!

We are only a few weeks into 2019, but I have continued the cold showers for no other reason than self discipline.  I have learned a fair amount from this resolution and from goal setting, that I want to share.

1) Do not set out to change the world:  Great goal, but it usually does not get accomplished. Cold showers are simple.  Not easy, but simple.  I take a shower everyday all I have to do is keep it cold and not turn the knob as far.  I did not set out to do the Keto Diet, Snatch double body weight, or run 1 mile everyday.  All of those require new habits, new schedules and tons of mental bandwidth in order to to stick with them. We all have grand ideas, but actually doing them is the hard part.  So this year start small,  try one thing that will improve your daily life and work to make it a habit.

2) Set yourself up:  When I opened at Harbor East Monday mornings,  I liked to get to the gym at 5:15 am.  I get up at 4:52 am and leave the house by 5:05.  That leaves me with 13 minutes to get out of the door with coffee, looking presentable and have some food down the hatch.  So I often sleep in my workout clothes.  No it is not that crazy.  Or, I have all my clothes laid out down stairs in an easy way to put them on.  Alarm goes off at 4:52am, no snooze, I get up go downstairs and get dressed.  Coffee is ready to start, water in the pot, filter ready for the pour over.  I turn that on, get it going, wash my face brush my teach and get ready.  About 5:00 am now.  I make two fried eggs and walk out the door with the eggs on a plate and coffee in my mug.  My point here is that everything is set up.  I just have to get up.  Then routine takes over.  What habit can you form and how can you set it up?

3) Tell your people: I had the advantage of spreading the word about my goal & resolution via Four on Friday to all the members at IA.  But, I also told family and friends.  They laughed and called me crazy, but for me telling someone my goal or plan means I must follow through.  Telling people that I care about that I will follow through on a challenge means more to me than it does to them.  As a leader in the gym community I could not turn that dial to warm.  Sick, in a hotel, in Colorado where the cold water is so much freaking colder, I could not do it.

4) Write it down:  We can help with this.  There will be box at both gyms for the next week with index cards.  Write down ONE or TWO things you will do differently or habits you will form this year.  We will break out the box next year and let you find your card.  This is for you.  We will not look through these or post on the blog.  Share with whoever you want to, but writing it down instills commitment.

As I wrote about in the post last week the path to self improvement is never a straight line.  You might trip up, fall short or not complete your goal. That is ok.  You can still learn, reflect and grow from that.  It is better to set a goal, track it, and work towards self improvement than sitting on the sideline thinking about it.

My 2019 habits are…

100- 3 minute ice baths.

52 Blog Posts posted on the IA blog that I write.

Thanks for listening and thanks for letting me use you to hold myself accountable.  This community is a powerful thing and I could not be more thankful for all the wisdom, help and inspiration that you have provided for me!