Skill WOD

Spend 15 minutes working on Muscle ups
5 Turnovers on low rings
5 Kip swings on high rings
:30 Ring Support Hold

 5 Turnovers (feet up on a box)
5 Kip Swings on high rings
:15 Support hold at the top :15 support hold at the bottom
**You should hit each station 4-5 times.**


Performance & Open
Ring Muscle up
Performance & Open: 275/185
Push up
Pull ups

Fitness: 185/125

Save the Date:

February 8th: Mini Kettlebell workshop 3-4:30pm at CFH
February 9th: Nutrition Talk with Coach Brittany Hallahan 12:15pm at CFH
February 14th: Bring your Swolemate (or Friend) Day
February 17th: Chili Cook off  (11am workout, chili at Noon) at CFHE
February 23rd: Kids Night out at CFH 4pm- 8pm


Hey Team,


The CrossFit Open is upon us once again! That time of year that CrossFitters from all over complete the exact same workout and see where you fall in this worldwide test of fitness. Really and truly the Open is a fun way to come together as a community and check your own fitness level compared to yourself from last year (or your future self next year).  This year the Open will run from Feb. 21st thru March 25th. One workout is released per week and you have 5 days to complete the workout and submit your score via the online leaderboard. You can register for the open here!


This year we will be programming the Open workouts on Friday each week and will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” at each gym. Come in at 5:30pm for a brief review of the workout, discussion on strategies and pacing tips and then throwdown w/ the community starting at 6:00pm. This year is all about fun and energy so come in ready to cheer on your friends and have a good time.  If you can’t make it for Friday Night Lights, the workout will be programmed for all classes on Friday so you will get a chance to complete it! 


I can’t wait to throw down with everybody and test our fitness against the world! Let’s show everybody how fit Industry Athletics is!