Pull up Cycle 
EMOM for 8 Minutes 
5 Pull ups (Pause at the top, hold chin over the bar for 2 seconds) 
7 Jumping Pull ups with a chin over the bar hold (2 seconds) 

Muscle up Cycle 
EMOM for 8 minutes 
Even: 7 Ring Rows (body parallel to floor, feet on a box) 
Odd: 7 Ring Dips (on the high rings) 
**On the seventh rep of the ring rows hold the rings at your chest for 10 seconds 
**On the seventh rep of the dips hold the bottom for 10 seconds


From 0-5
_____ Row 
Max Power Cleans 

From 5-10
400 m Run 
Max Power Cleans 
From 10-15
____ Cal Bike 
Max Power Cleans

Fitness: 115/75(30 Cals) 
Performance: 205/135 (40 Cals) 
Open: 225/155 (45 Cals)