Partner WOD

100 Double KB Front Rack Lunge 
20 Synchro Pistols  
200 M Double KB OH Walk 
20 Synchro Pistols  
100 Double KB Russian Swing  
20 Synchro Pistols  

24 min AMRAP 

Fitness: 30 Synchro Air Squats 
Performance: As written 
Open: As written 

Athletes: Grab a friend! We have a fun partner workout today! Try to stick with the same KBs the whole time, but you are welcome to switch depending on the movement also.  The goal should be to get as close to 2 rounds as possible. 


100 Single Unders 
20 Alt DB Snatch 
5 Rounds 

5 Burpees
10 Air Squats 
5 Rounds 

20 Cal Row 
20 Alt Single Arm Push Press  (hold 2 DBs but press one, 10 each arm, 20 total) 
5 Rounds