Crossfit for a Cause is TODAY at 12pm at CFH

Partner WOD

400 M Run (200 M sprint relay style) 
150 Wall Balls
800 M Run (200 M sprint relay style) 
100 Burpees
800 M run (200 M sprint relay style) 
10 Rope Climbs 
400 M Run (200 M sprint relay style)

35min CAP 

Athletes: For the WB, Burpees and Rope climbs divide the work up. 


0-5 Max Rounds of Cindy 
5-10 Max Cals on the Rower 
10-15 Max Rounds of Cindy 
15-20 Max C2 Bike Cals 
20-25 Max Rounds of Cindy 

Crossfit for a Cause

In pairs, for time:
65 single arm DB thrusters
400m run
65 DB snatch
400m run
65 sit-ups
400m run
65 DB step-ups
400m run

One partner working, one partner resting.