Industry Athletics Winter Challenge kicks off next week! This 8 week challenge is FREE. On Monday, we will test our max clean & jerk and 2k row. On Tuesday, we will test a weakness workout. More details are on the blog!


Every 2 Minutes 12 Minutes 
8 Dball Squats 
10 DB Split Squats  (hold two DBs one in each hand at your side) 
Max Double Unders 

Rest 4 minutes 

EMOM for 10 minutes 
6 Deadlifts 
Max Burpees 

Fitness: 185/125
Performance: 225/155
Open: 275/175

Athletes: For the first piece the goal is to have :30-40 second on Doubles.  For the second piece you should use a deadlift weight that you can go unbroken with for the 10 rounds.