Industry Athletics Winter Challenge kicks off on Monday! More details are on the blog.

Adjusted Schedule at Federal Hill-
8 am DRIVE, 9 am CF, 10 am CF, 11 am DRIVE


Back Squats


12min AMRAP
Back Squats
Power Cleans

Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 135/95
Open: 155/105

Athletes: The back squat comes from the ground in the workout.  If you do not feel comfortable with this, please use a rack!


Partner WOD 

AMRAP 4 minutes 
Max Cals Rower 

AMRAP 4 minutes 
Max DB Thrusters

AMRAP 4 minutes 
Max Burpee Box Jumps

AMRAP 4 minutes 
Max Devil’s Press
2 Rounds