Thanksgiving Schedule:
Wednesday 11/27: NO 7:30pm class
Thursday 11/28: Lift and Trot at 9am
Friday 11/29: NO 5:30 and 6:30am classes

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Partner WOD

8 Kettle Swings
200 M Row 
2 Rounds (Each partner does a round) 

8 Push Press 
200 M Row
2 Rounds (each partner does a round) 

8 Rounds 

*Partner is resting while one is working…

35 min Cap 

Fitness: 95/65 (200 M Row)
Performance: 115/75 (225 M Row)
Open: 135/95 (250 M Row) 

Athletes: Interval training with a partner today.  Rounds should take about 1 minute to complete.  Choose a load on both movements that you can keep moving. 

Capacity class comes to Harbor East
Sunday December 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd ONLY at 9:00am

Members, friends: We are piloting Coach Hugh’s Capacity Class at Harbor East for four Sundays in December!

What is Capacity Class: This is a class designed to BUILD YOUR ENGINE. We will be working intervals, distance, sprints when it comes to the bike, rower, running, jump rope, etc. There will never be a barbell in this class and limited use of kettlebells/dumbbells/wallballs. This class is designed to work your aerobic CAPACITY!

If this is a class you want to have regularly at Harbor East on Sunday mornings and/or if this is a time of day on Sunday you’d like to have the gym open, come out on these four Sundays and support it!

It will be Coach Hugh’s capacity programming, same time, same day, but now ALSO across the harbor with Kelsea or Geo.