Thanksgiving Schedule
Wednesday 11/27 (tomorrow)- No 7:30pm class
Thursday 11/28- 9am Lift and Trot ONLY
Friday 11/29- No 5:30am and 6:30am classes

Hoodie Pre-sale ENDS Tuesday December 3rd

Friends-Cember starts Monday December 2nd
Don’t forget to have your friends sign up!


Weakness Work
8 min EMOM 

Pull ups- 5-7 Negatives , pick a number and maintain
Bodywieght – 3 tempo pull ups, 6 tempo push ups (tempo = 3 secs, 2 sec hold, 3 sec) 
Toes to Bar – 5-10 Toes to Bar , pick a number and maintain
Doubles – Use this 8 minutes to work on Skills (or pick another skill since Dubs are in the workout) 
HSPU – :20 second hold or 3 Negatives 
Muscle ups- 5 horizontal ring row, 5 turn overs on low rings  
Snatch- 5 Power Snatch at 75 % of your Isabel weight 


3 minutes on 1 minute off 

300/250 M Row 
10 Burpees
Max Double Unders 

5 Rounds 

Fitness: 250 M Row
Performance: 300 M Row
Open: 300 M Row 

Athletes: Get your weakness work in today!  Then we jump into a body weight workout with a short rest.  Intervals are a great to work on pacing and pushing your capacity.