Thanksgiving Schedule
No 7:30pm class TONIGHT
Thursday 11/28 9am Lift and Trot
Friday 11/29 No 5:30am and 6:30am classes

Hoodie Pre-sale ENDS Tuesday!

Friends-Cember kicks off Monday!


:30 Dball Carry 
:30 DB Split Squats (switch every 15 seconds) 
:30 Low Plank 
5 Rounds 

**This is to get warm for the workout.  Focus on form and technique! 


21 Double DB Walking Lunge (Suitcase carry) 
18 Sit ups
15 Deadlifts 

16 min AMRAP 

Fitness: 135/95
Performance: 185/125
Open: 205/155 

Athletes: Lets work that posterior chain today! Glute, core, hips (and grip!) are the focus.  For the workout choose a load that you can keep good form with.