10 Handstand Push ups 
20 Toes to Bar 
30 Burpees 
40 Hang Cleans 
50 Doubles 
60 Cal Row 
50 Doubles 
40 Hang Cleans
30 Burpees 
20 Toes to Bar 
10 Handstand Push ups

Fitness: 75/55
Performance: 95/65
Open: 115/75

25 min Cap

Athletes: Today is a retest- check your score and be sure to log in your time for this one as we will repeat it in the future.  Tons going on today.  Your goal should be to keep a consistent pace and find a good progression on any movement that gives you trouble.  


Every 5:00 for 25 minutes 

20/15 Cal C2 Bike 
20 KB Swings  
20 DB Box Step ups (hold two DBs at waist) 
Max Med Ball Squat Cleans