CrossFit is community based fitness in a fun welcoming environment.  It is empowering and powerful.  I encourage you to throw out any preconceived notions or rumors you have heard and approach this with an open mind.  Simply put, we will get you in the best shape of your life. We do that through a broad and inclusive variety of movements and skills.  Every workout takes place in a group setting and is lead by a coach.  For 60 minutes you have the coach leading warm up drills, skill progressions, a workout and cool down.

The CrossFit program works for all fitness levels. We are not just making that up to get you in.  We have members ranging from 18 to 70 and everywhere in between.  Skill levels of x athletes to people who could not jump rope when the started. The model is scale-able by intensity, skill and load. Everyone is set up to find optimal intensity for their personal level every class.  And NO this does not mean you will be slowing anyone down if you do less weight or a modified a movement.  We love helping people of all levels.

This style of working out will change the way you approach and look at fitness.  We are happy to talk more about the program, just email us at or

If you are ready to make it happen head over to our Getting Started Page.

TR, our foundations coach shown leading a class.