Today we have a charity workout for RWB! We know…wall balls two days in a row. You will be ok and we had no control over the programming. Feel free to sub DB Push Press for Wall Balls.

“Armistice Partner WOD” 
22 Minute AMRAP
11 Power Cleans
11 Burpees (Over Bar)   
19 Toes to Bar (T2B)
18 Wall Balls

Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 135/95
Open: 155/105

Split up work however you and your partner choose


Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes
20 Cals C2 Bike
30 Air Squats
Max Burpees

Rest 3 minutes

Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes
30 Single Arm DB Push Press (15 each side)
20 Sit ups
Max Single Unders

Mobility is back TONIGHT! 6:30pm at both locations.

We will be hosting a RWB workout on Saturday! If you know a veteran, bring them in for the workout! The workout will be incorporated into our normal schedule.

IA Winter Challenge kicks off November 18th and 19th! Check the blog for more details.


1:00 at each station 

9 Dball Over the Shoulder
15 Goblet Squats
21 Box Jumps
Max Cals on C2 Bike 
Rest 1:00 

5 Rounds 

Fitness: 35/26
Performance: 53/35
Open: 70/50

What is it?

The Industry Athletics Winter Challenge is here to keep you motivated during these cold, dark, holiday months. Don’t put your health and fitness on hold!
Both gyms will have a large white board for you to put your name on. This is your way of signing up for this FREE challenge. The challenge will run for 8 weeks. The first week, you’ll put your test scores on the board. Weeks 2-7 you can earn check marks. Week 8, we will retest the workouts from week one.

What are we testing and when does it start?

In class on Monday November 18th, we will be testing our one rep max Clean and Jerk and our 2k row. In class on Tuesday November 19th, we will be testing a weakness workout.

For the weakness workout, every participant will pick a benchmark workout from the whiteboard (ie Fran, Diane, etc). You will pick your workout based on a movement you want to improve. For example, if you want to improve your handstand push-ups, you’re going to pick Diane. If there is a movement you want to work on over these 8 weeks that is not in a benchmark workout, ask a coach what workout would be most appropriate to swap a movement for. An example would be picking Fran, but replacing pull-ups with toes to bar because you want to work on toes to bar.

We will retest these workouts on Monday January 13th and Tuesday January 14th.

How do I earn check marks every week?

To earn a check mark for the week you need to:

Attend class 3 or more times that week
Eat 500g of fruits and vegetables 5 days that week
Complete AT LEAST 30 minutes of skill work on your weakness movement

For every check mark, Industry Athletics will donate $1 to the nonprofit, Next One Up. If our community rallies around each other and this challenge, we could raise up to $1,000 for Next One Up!

What is Next One Up?

Next One Up is a non-profit, founded by an Industry Athletics alumni Matt Hanna. Next One Up’s goal is to “empowers ‘high-risk’ middle and high school students in Baltimore City by providing long term mentoring and coaching on the field and in the classroom.”
Check them out HERE.

As the days get colder and darker, everyone on our Committed Club deserves an EXTRA high five or hug for their commitment to their health this month!

The members below checked in and attended 20 or more classes in October. Special shout-out to Ari Zayon, Crystal Simpkins, and Osh Oshitoye for being our most consistent committed club members. Keep up the good work!

Crystal Simpkins 27 (WHOA!)
Maria Isabel Alcaino 25
Mindabeth Levin 24
Brent Arihood 22
Matthew Heiland 22
Daniel Fitzgerald 21
Ari Zayon 20
Brandon Scudder 20
Jane Clauson 20
Jenn Burkholder 20
Jill Nelson 20
John Babb 20
Michael Meck 20
Osh Oshitoye 20
Ross Moody 20

Harbor East will be closed this weekend for an L1.

Sam Flax, DPT and Co-owner, MotionEdge Physical Therapy will be offering FREE screening sessions THIS Saturday at Federal Hill from 9am-11am.


In a 5 minute Window
6 Burpees to a target
9 Russian Swings
12 DB Push Press
3 Rounds
Max Cals on the Rower 

2 min Rest (not included in the 5 minute window)

4 Rounds 

Fitness: 35/26 (35/25)
Performance: 53/35 (50/35)
Open: 53/35  (60/40)

Athletes: Choose a load on the DB and Russian swings that you can go unbroken with.  You should have over 1 minute on the rower each round. 

Harbor East will be closed this weekend for an L1.

Sam Flax, DPT and Co-owner, MotionEdge Physical Therapy will be offering FREE screening sessions THIS Saturday at Federal Hill from 9am-11am.


Take 12 minutes to 
Build to a heavy 3 Rep Hang Clean 
**Squat or power**


5 Hang Power Cleans   
20 Air Squats
4 Rounds 

3 min Rest 

5 Hang Power Cleans
20 weighted box step ups  (1 db)
4 Rounds  

15 min Cap 

Fitness: 115/75 (10 Hang Cleans) 
Performance: 185/125 (155/105)
Open: 205/135 (185/125)

Athletes: Get to a heavy 3 rep with GREAT form.  For the second piece the weight will decrease.  It should be a heavy weight on both sections.  

Harbor East will be closed this weekend for an L1.

Sam Flax, DPT and Co-owner, MotionEdge Physical Therapy will be offering FREE screening sessions THIS Saturday at Federal Hill from 9am-11am.


Take 10-12 minutes to Practice Ring Muscle ups

Work on Pulling Strength- 10 Ring Rows + 10 Push ups (every 90 seconds) 
Can not Turn Over – Have the coach look at your attempt and give you ideas to help 
Can do 3 unbroken- Work on stringing big sets together (practice position drills on low rings) 


200 Run 
10 Power Snatch 
___ Toes to Bar 
7 Rounds 

Fitness: 75/55 (10 situps)
Performance: 95/65 (8 toes to bar)
Open: 115/75 (10 toes to bar)

Athletes: For the MU practice use this as a chance to get hands on coaching and work on a weakness.  For the second piece choose a weight you can do 10 unbroken reps with. 

Crossfit Federal Hill will be closed this weekend. Capacity Class will be held at 5:30 pm on Sunday and open gym will be from 5:30-7:30pm at Federal Hill

CrossFit Harbor East will have an 8 am CrossFit Class today! Then we will be running the Halloween Throwdown! We will have Sunday open gym from 1-3 pm.

8 am Class only today! At CrossFit Harbor East


Every 5 minutes for 25 Minutes
200 M Run
20 Cal Bike
15 Toes to Bar
10 Front Squats

Fitness: 18 Cal Bike (95/65)
Performance: 20 Cal Bike (135/95)
Open: 22 Cal Bike (155/105)

CrossFit Federal Hill is Closed this weekend for a Level 2 Seminar.

Strength WOD

Back Squat 10/10/8/8/8
Work up to 70-75% of your 1 RM  Back Squat 


18 Wall Ball 
12 Burpees
9 Strict HSPU 5 Rounds 
17 min Cap 
Fitness: 14/10 (Try to get upside down, if not do a seated DB strict press) 
Performance: 20/14
Open: 20/14

CrossFit Federal Hill is Closed This weekend 26th and 27th for a Level 2


Every 10 minutes for 30 Minutes 
_______ M Row 
1:00 Low Plank
50 Hang DB Snatch 
25 Sit ups
Max Box Jump Overs 
Score = Total box jump overs 
Fitness: 35/20 (800 M Row) 
Performance: 50/35 (1,000 M Row) 
Open: 50/35 (1,000 M Row) 

Athletes: You should have 30-90 seconds on the box jumps each round.