Have you signed up for Coach Brittany’s Nutrition Challenge yet?  Still waiting for that final push?  Check out what past participants have said!

“It gave me added confidence and motivation to decline alcohol, which I later found out irritated a medical condition I had been diagnosed with. I never felt better and have now given up drinking for a healthier lifestyle.”

“I learned how to eat well balanced meals that fueled my body and allowed it to burn fat. I’ve always thought that I ate healthy, but when I started the nutrition challenge, I realized that I wasn’t eating enough carbs and I wasn’t eating enough, period. Letting go of my “paleo” mentality and eating more complex carbs (such as oatmeal, rice, or beans) was the hardest part, but once I decided to trust the process and upped my carb and calorie intake, my body fat just started melting away. The nutritional challenge not only teaches you how to find success, but gives you a template on how to continue when you’re done”

“I have participated in 3 of Brittany’s nutrition challenges.  Each time I sign up, I add a new good habit or eliminate/severely curb a bad habit.  The group really helps to hold you accountable and makes it a lot of fun.   I also began to track and measure my food and this was a big eye opener to how much I should be eating.”

“Four months post-challenge I am still following the healthy habits that I learned during the challenge.  It gave me a good jumpstart to cut out ‘bad foods’ I previously craved.  I also got a much better idea about portion sizes.  Tracking and measuring my food has totally changes how I eat, feel, look and perform at the gym.  I never feel hungry.  And it is totally sustainable!”


Wodapalooza is a fitness festival in Miami Florida.  This year we had another big group from the CrossFit Federal Hill go down to support athletes, fitness and our community!  Megan W. was an individual competitor, Ashley A., Hana M. and Madison D.  were on a team and Ryan G., Matt D, and Mike V were also on a team.   Nicole C. and Britt P. went down to judge and a whole slew of people went down to support, cheer and be a part of the event! It is great to see the community traveling together and supporting each other.  It...

Have you signed up for the New Year Nutrition Challenge?!?!   No?!?! What is holding you back? Maybe the fact that you may not know me and putting trust in a stranger can be hard, so let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am a girlfriend to an amazing man (with the best accent) and we have a badass dog weighing in at 5.5lbs. I am currently a mother to be, a CrossFitter, and corporate employee gone rogue pursuing my passion of fitness and nutrition.

I was not born a naturally gifted athlete nor did I play competitive sports. I was not blessed with the genetic make up of a six pack and struggled with body image. I remember constantly dieting and never being happy. Post college graduation I found myself severely overweight, out of shape and unhappy. CrossFit was the first step in my transformation, then in 2015 I was introduced to an online nutrition program that taught me balance. I learned how to fuel my body for performance and stopped a negative cycle of under and over eating. But above all, I learned consistency is the key to success.

A few years back, I craved more knowledge and signed up for the Precision Nutrition Certification Course. I then started a nutrition program at CrossFit Columbia COVE where I have worked with numerous CrossFitters of all levels with different goals. I have organized 3 challenges with over 100 participants. In one challenge alone we saw OVER 100lbs of fat LOST and decreased body fat by 32%. Muscle was gained and PRs were crushed!

I now want to share my knowledge with each of you. It is my goal to work as a team to find what you can be consistent with. Take the first step in enhancing your health and sign up for the nutrition challenge or reach out and we can schedule time for a 1:1 nutrition session!!!

Finding time to workout over the holidays, even in regular life, can typically be challenge for most people. However, that is not the case for Bryan which makes him our member spotlight this week.
Bryan and his wife, Natalie, welcomed their new baby right before New Years Eve. Yet, Bryan found the time to make it to class or open gym at least 3 times the week following.  We are excited for this new chapter in the Schafer’s life. But we are even more excited for the great example that Bryan is setting for his daughter by making his health a priority.
Congratulations Bryan!! We are grateful for you!


Beginning NEXT THURSDAY, January 18th, we will be launching Bring A Friend Thursday.  This will happen a couple times a month (dates TBA); you will be able to bring a friend with you to WOD.  The workout will be designed for people of all abilities – more of a body weight, DRIVE style workout.  There will be a link on the blog to share with your friends so they can sign up ahead of time.  Now is your chance to bring in that friend who was always too hesitant, slightly nervous, or just thought you were crazy for loving the gym so much.  Start spreading the word!

With many of us coming off of excessive holiday eating, we are looking to kick off the New Year in the best way!  Many of us set both fitness and nutrition goals.  To aid in your success we are offering a nutrition challenge!  This is 5 weeks to a new you… but you won’t be alone!  Although sign ups will be individual, you will be paired up with another participant for greater accountability.  There will be some rules, but more importantly, you will be coached on developing the mindset that will transform and ingrain these guidelines into habit and lifestyle.

“Eating clean” is one of the least restrictive and most effective pathways to better health. You’ll learn how to identify and eliminate processed foods that may be wreaking havoc on your body, and how to replace them with foods that will make you stronger, leaner, and overall better. Most importantly, you will be coached to adopt the mindset that will make this outlook your lifestyle, setting you up for success in this new year and beyond.

This Challenge will be led by coach Brittany and will last 5 weeks. To learn more about her check out our Nutrition Page http://www.industryathletics.com/core-nutrition/

The cost is $65 and includes the following: 

  • Kick off Meeting Sunday January 21stat 10:30 am
  • Official start on Thursday January 25th
  • End challenge on Sunday February 25th
  • Access to a Private Facebook page to post recipes, challenges, successes etc
  • InBody Composition Analysis at the beginning and end

9-10:30 AM on Sunday January 21st  

9-12 AM on the 25th of February

Body Scan times are set.  If you can not make these times you can still participate in the challenge, but you will not get scanned. Once you sign up we will send you a link to schedule your pre and post scan. ‘

Group Challenges and having a partner who is also invested will increase accountability. Each week a recipe and/or fitness article will be shared with you along with weekly challenges to enhance your results. There will be a can and can not eat list as this is a time to reset the body and clean out the sludge from the holidays. And instill healthy eating habits that can be pulled through all year long. This challenge is for those that are looking for fat loss, muscle gain and increased performance and just overall enhanced nutrition.

The person with the best scan! Most body fat% lost and lean Muscle% gain will win A FREE MONTH!

Sign up through these links:

CrossFit Federal Hill

CrossFit Harbor East

If you would like to further enhance your results and receive personalized plan use the below link to schedule an appointment to speak 1:1 with Brittany.


It’s very easy to fly through your push ups inefficiently and with incorrect form.  You will never get any stronger in this movement if you don’t take a step back and find a progression that puts you in a perfect position.  Take a few minutes to watch this video and find what is best for you to become better at the push up.  And, as always, listen to your coaches…


Calling all volunteers… if you are looking for a great opportunity to serve at Battle of Baltimore, here is your chance.

We are looking for volunteers for the event. We have three different shift options:

1) 7:30am-11am

2) 11am-3pm

3) all day – 730am-3pm.


If you or someone you know is interested in being part of this event please register through the link below. We look forward to hosting all the athletes and volunteers.

Battle of Baltimore Volunteers

Congratulations! To everyone that completed the 100,000 meter rowing challenge. Industry Athletics offered this challenge right after Thanksgivings, giving all our athletes until just before the New Year to complete these meters.

A round of applause to everyone that participated. This was not an easy task but it showed great dedication and determination by each person. There was a great number of athletes that showed up early or stayed after class to get as many meters as possible.

Check out this list of athletes who completed (or exceeded) the 100,000m Rowing challenge:

Adam C. (CFH)

Alex H.  (CFHE)

Ashton (CFH)

Becky (CFHE)

Bryan S.  (CFH)

Dundas (CFH)

Drew (CFH)

Elliott (CFHE)

Fernando (CFH)

Gabby  (CFHE)

Hugh (CFH)

Immi (CFH)

James C. (CFH)

Jen B.  (CFHE)

Jess B.  (CFHE)

Josh D.  (CFH)

Kaitlyn (CFH)

Kevin U. (CFH)

Keith (CFH)

Kerry (CFH)

Michele (CFHE)

Parker  (CFHE)

Tara (CFH)

Sarah L. (CFH)

Sarah M. (CFH)

Sara W.  (CFH)

Shana (CFH)

Scott B.  (CFHE)

Sean C.  (CFH)

Xinyi (CFH)

An even bigger congratulations to Kevin U. (CFH) who rowed 500,000m. If you did not get a chance to participate this year, look for this to show up again next year!


Awesome job athletes! 



On Christmas Eve a long standing member of CrossFit Federal Hill was killed in a plane crash.  Pete W. was a consistent 5:30 am athlete for 4 years at CFH.   He showed up, he worked hard and he never complained.  He was not the loudest dude in the room or the most talkative, but he was about as nice and genuine as they come.  We are beyond devastated to share this news.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.  CrossFit Federal Hill is a better place because of people like Pete, he lifted up the community with his...