What made you decide to give CrossFit a try?

My whole life I have been apart of team sports.  From playing soccer when I was old enough to walk to Lacrosse through college, I had always been around people when training and working out. After college, I was lacking that competitive feeling that I had been a part of for my entire life. I wanted to find something that would continue to give me the unique feeling of being pushed by other people. CrossFit was the perfect opportunity for that.

How have your feelings towards CrossFit changed from when you first started to now?

My feelings towards CrossFit have changed a lot from when I first started. I have learned that CrossFit is way more than just a workout and a place to compete but it is somewhere I have made friends and formed relationships that will last forever. When I first began I would just come in, workout and leave like a job.  But as I went along I started to form friendships that became more important than the time I got on the workout.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

CrossFit has impacted my life significantly.  Not only has it allowed me to continue to stay “fit”, it also helped me recover from hip surgery in an environment that was safe and adaptable while allowing me to still feel involved with that “team” atmosphere. The biggest impact CrossFit has had on my life is that I found my future wife Danni at the gym. Without her who knows what I would be doing.  So, I would say CrossFit has definitely had a huge impact on not only my fitness but also my overall happiness and well-being.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about trying CrossFit?

For anyone who is hesitant to start, I would tell them to just come on in and give it a try and stick with it for a few weeks. Those first couple weeks can be overwhelming and leave you to sore to sit but once the body begins to adapt you will feel better than you ever have. Every day you leave the gym, that feeling of accomplishment you have is something that is hard to replicate.

Great job on 18.3! We had a great turn out on Friday night at Federal Hill and Harbor East. Make sure to keep up the hard work throughout the next  2 weeks! Schedule: We will run week four at separate gyms no matter what the workout is.  For Week 5 everyone we will get together on Saturday at Fed Hill for a pot luck and celebration of 18.5! Below is the breakdown of the intramural points after Week 3. Keep up the good work team! Top 3 Rx Male & Female – 3 Points Each: Federal Hill Ryan Grantham, David Jones, Sam Lauber Marissa Martinez, Candace Rubenstein,...

A goal we have for Industry Athletics this year is to expand our class times and offerings.  We added Oly at Harbor East now we will add Capacity Class at Federal Hill! If you have been to the gym in the last 6 months you have probably seen Coach Hugh on the Erg, Ski or Bike.  He is a large human that takes his capacity work very seriously.  He is now going to take those hours and hours of work and put it into a class to that is all about developing work capacity! Starting this Sunday, we'll be running a 9am Sunday morning capacity...

Hey Team, Alex, will be stepping down as the GM of Federal Hill.  She has brought a ton to the gym while she was on board and she will continue to coach with us at Industry Athletics!  Can't thank her enough for all her hard work! The new General Manager will be Coach David! He took over coaching Wednesday evenings a few months ago and has made a huge impact on our community.  I could not be more excited to bring him on as the general manager. He will start his new position on April 1st! Be sure to congratulate him when...


Congrats on the continued improvements and PRs at Harbor East!

Special shout out to Gabby on her first strict pull up.  This was one of her 2018 goals and she hit it within the first 2 months of the year!  Set a goal, work hard, and you can accomplish anything.  Great work Gabby!

Great job on 18.2! We had a great turn out on Friday night at Federal Hill and Harbor East. Make sure to keep up the hard work throughout the next 3 weeks! Below is the breakdown of the intramural points after Week 2. Keep up the good work team! Top 3 Rx Male & Female Federal Hill – 3 Points Each: 18.2 Ryan Grantham, Matt Davidow, Sam L Megan Wall, Marissa Martinez, Hana Machover 18.2 A Ben Eaton, David Jones, Mike Vigorita Candace Rubenstein, Nicole Considine, Megan Wall Harbor East 18.2 Parker Phillips, Scott Burkholder, Eddie Imparato Jessica Blumberg, Rachel Claire, Kira Polimeni, 18.2A Parker Phillips, Adam Wasmus, John Caine Jessica B, Rachel C, Clarissa...

Coming April 3rd – Barbell Club with Jamie and Carey!


Host Gym – CrossFit Harbor East – Members from both gyms are welcome to participate!

Industry Athletics is pleased to announce Barbell Club launching April 3! This 3x per week program will help athletes of all proficiency levels develop their weightlifting strength and technique. It doesn’t matter if you’re new CrossFit or have been doing it for years, this program will be able to help every athlete improve their weightlifting performance!

Each WOD that the CF Games, CF HQ, local competitor directors or affiliate owners program is based on hitting the three modalities of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Monostructural movements (metabolic conditioning) over a set period of time (weeks, months, etc..). Strength is the foundation of two, arguably all three, of these modalities. What does this mean? Improving your lifts will carry over to your WOD times, strength and gymnastics aptitude!

The Barbell Club is designed to help you improve in CrossFit. Whether your goal is a body weight snatch, a strict pull up, improved rowing splits, or any number of other goals Barbell Club will help you develop the skills and tool kit you need to get there.

Because this is a pilot, we are starting relatively simple. The pilot will run for two months, April and May 2018. Sessions will occur at CFHE on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 and Saturdays at 11:00am. Weekday sessions will run for one hour and Saturday for an hour and a half. Each month will be a 4 week program focusing on developing strength and improving technique of the Olympic lifts – Snatch and Clean & Jerk. We will also squat, deadlift and learn many accessory movements to help target mobility issues, technical faults and enhance muscular development.


Each month will be capped at 12 athletes —to ensure personalized attention!— and cost $100 for participation.  While it’s critical that you attend the first session on April 3rd and May 1st, don’t fret if you can’t make all sessions as you will be able to make them up under the guidance of one of the coaches. This course will be managed, everything from programming to coaching, by Jamie and Carey.

Don’t wait until next year’s Open to try to get better at your lifts!

We hope you join us! Sign up is live on the website today through this link. Remember spaces are limited. Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Carey and Jamie.- HaborEast@IndsutryAthletics.com

**Fed Hill members, you will need to create a new account on zen planner to sign up via the link.  It has to run through the Harbor East system.  Thanks!

Mike working hard on the rings.  Mike is part of this month’s Committed Club.  Being only 28 days, February was a tough month to get to at least 20 classes, and he exceeded that!  Way to go Mike!


Congratulations to our February Committed Club Members.  These people attended (and signed into!) 20 or more classes during the month of February.  They showed a solid commitment to CrossFit and, more importantly, to their own personal goals. Keep up the good work!

Harbor East:

Mao-Bin Shen 20

Federal Hill:

Fernando Elizalde 26

Mike Salamon 21

Ashton Hyde 21

Next time you see them around the gym, give them a high five (or a hug, hugs are great too)!

We do our best to make sure we give credit to everyone who has reached the 20 classes each month.  If you think you should have made the club and don’t see your name, PLEASE reach out and we will right our wrongs!


Nutrition does not have to be complicated.  There is no secret pill or juice that is going to instantly get you to your goals but consistency, time, and dedication WILL.  

Whether I am working 1:1 with a client or a group during a challenge we discuss healthy habits.  So what are the healthy habits we follow….

  1. Protein at EVERY meal
  2. Vegetables (1-2 cups) at EVERY meal
  3. Consume Starchy Carbs at the meals that surround your workout
  4. Consume added or high fat foods at meals away from your workout
  5. Practice mindful eating….stop eating when you are 80% full

Looking for success?! Keep your diet simple.  Implement the above theories and plan your days in advance.  There is nothing wrong with eating similar or the same meals each weekday to aid in your success and change it up on the weekends.  

Written By: Coach Brittany

Hey Harbor East Crew! In an effort bring more Nutrition into the gym we want to give away a few InBody scans.  We will have 9 time slots open.  Coach Brittany showing her personal progress! Curious to know your body composition?  Looking to make enhancements to your nutrition?  Coach Brittany is scheduling 15 mins appointments on Tuesday 2/27/18 from 4pm to 6:15.  Come in receive a free Inbody scan and talk with her about your goals and nutrition.  If you are ready to commit and improve your health you can also reach out to her directly to schedule a 1:1 appointment and enroll...