Hey Team,


The CrossFit Open is upon us once again! That time of year that CrossFitters from all over complete the exact same workout and see where you fall in this worldwide test of fitness. Really and truly the Open is a fun way to come together as a community and check your own fitness level compared to yourself from last year (or your future self next year).  This year the Open will run from Feb. 21st thru March 25th. One workout is released per week and you have 5 days to complete the workout and submit your score via the online leaderboard. You can register for the open here!


This year we will be programming the Open workouts on Friday each week and will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” at each gym. Come in at 5:30pm for a brief review of the workout, discussion on strategies and pacing tips and then throwdown w/ the community starting at 6:00pm. This year is all about fun and energy so come in ready to cheer on your friends and have a good time.  If you can’t make it for Friday Night Lights, the workout will be programmed for all classes on Friday so you will get a chance to complete it! 


I can’t wait to throw down with everybody and test our fitness against the world! Let’s show everybody how fit Industry Athletics is!



Do want a night off for yourself and your kids?
Of course you do! So sign up for our Industry Athletics Night Out on Saturday February 23rd.  We will put your kids through a rigorous workout and feed them raw meat.

Just kidding! We will play a few games that involve running, throwing, jumping and laughing.  Then we will feed them pizza and put on a movie.

What:  We’ve organized a night of kids physical activities and games. We’ll all share a pizza dinner and then watch a movie.
Where: CrossFit Federal Hill
When: Saturday, February 23rd from 4pm to 8pm
Who: Kids ages 4-12
Cost: IA Members- $20 per child with a 50% discount for additional siblings. Dinner will be provided. Non Members $40 per child with a 50% discount for additional siblings.

RSVP Required. Email Coach David at federalhill@industryathletics.com .
Space is limited so RSVP soon!

Hey team!

We would like to introduce you to some of our members that have not only committed themselves to fitness, but also to improving their life through nutrition!!

Coach Brittany H has been working with a number of our members and with their permission, we would like to share their successes with you. Over the next few months you will see how several of your fellow athletics have committed to taking control of their nutrition and making gains both inside and outside of the gym.  

Reminder that there is no quick fix when it comes to nutrition.  Time, patience and consistency all play a key role in one’s success.  Interested in dialing in your nutrition to help your performance?  Enhance your body composition? Or simply live a healthier life? Reach out and we will set you up with a free nutrition consult! 

First up we have Sara Walcott! 

Meet Sara Walcott, a member of Industry Athletics for nearly 5 years. You can be find her hitting WODs with class in the morning usually, followed by an evening session of either DASH or Capacity coupled with some accessory work here and there!!!  You may read that and say ‘man, I wish I had that much time’, but the thing about Sara is she makes the time. She has both a full and part time job, however health and wellness are very important to her, so with the support of her boyfriend she makes fitness a priority in her life.


Last January , Sara signed up for Coach Brittany’s New Year 2018 Nutrition Challenge.  After doing some reflecting, she knew something had to change. One could argue that in 2017 Sara did a bit of a full life reset –


“I quit an 80+ hour a week job and spent the rest of the year not working.  During this time, I focused on figuring out what I wanted to do and what I wanted my life to be.”


Signing up for the challenge was a result of realizing that despite spending the majority of her 9 non-working months at the gym, she hadn’t made nearly as much progress as she would have liked.  Overall her body composition had not changed almost at all.


“I grew up in a house where cooking wasn’t really a thing. In my teens I could eat whatever I wanted and would just burn it off. Then I hit my 20s and started working more than I was working out.  Eating takeout at my desk was a regular occurrence, and lived in apartments that barely qualified as having a kitchen. I ate whatever was available, sounded good and made me feel ‘full’ in a number of ways, without regard to my nutrition.”

“I on and off tried a few different things (paleo, vegan, calorie restricted, etc.) for a few weeks or months here or there, particularly when I wanted to lose weight, but I never committed or maintained anything. It wasn’t until I stopped working in 2017 that I started really cooking for myself, and it wasn’t until I began working with Brittany in 2018 that I started really focusing on the nutrition behind what I was cooking, ordering, and putting in my body.”


The nutrition challenge was 5 weeks but Sara knew she had to look past the 5 weeks and identify habits that she could maintain.  She was not ‘perfect’ during the challenge, but who really is and more importantly, what does ‘perfect’ really look like?!?!


In 5 weeks Sara gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 16lbs of fat, drastically reducing her overall body fat percentage.  The healthy maintainable habits she applied to her day to day helped her achieve this. Fast forward a year and Sara continues to work 1:1 with Coach Brittany.  Throughout the year we had different goals that were maintainable and left Sara in a positive state of mind. More recently we have been working to reduce body fat and enhance performance in preparation for a Caribbean vacation.  We sent monthly milestones to make sure we stayed on track.


Looking back Sara says…


“I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I needed to learn this, but it really is CRAZY how much of a difference nutrition makes! I made more progress from both a performance and a body composition standpoint in 6 weeks of really focusing on my nutrition during the last years nutrition challenge than I made in 9 months of coming to the gym alone. I do not focus on being perfect, I focus on making healthy decisions that are sustainable for me.  Life happens and sometimes my progress takes two steps forward then one back but I know with small changes and a clear mind I can take another 2 steps forward and continue to chip away at my goals. One of my biggest learnings is that it if and when I do commit to my nutrition and make it a priority, I 100% for sure, without a doubt, WILL see improvement.”

We could not be more proud of Sara.  She does not get caught up in what happened yesterday or last week.  Coach Brittany tells all her clients that each day is a new day and to focus on the present and Sara does just that!!! 

2019 Battle of Baltimore Heat Sheet

7:00 – Athlete Check In

8:00 – Brief WOD1 and Floater WOD1

WOD #1 – Ice and Fire- Score is Time + 1 second per rep missed 

8:15 WOD1 Heat 1 Scaled

Scaled Teams 1-4
Set Addicts
Just Keep Snatching
2 Jerks and a Snatch
Rainbow Brite

8:31 WOD1 Heat 2 Scaled

Scaled Teams 5-8
The Chalking Dead
Strangers in the Alps
Bears Beets Burpees

Hate Us Cuz They Anus

8:47 WOD1 Heat 3 Scaled

Scaled Teams 9-12
Clang and Bang
Two Snatches and a Wallball
The Cougars and The Club
410 Averagely Agressive

9:03 WOD1 Heat 4 Scaled

Scaled Teams 13 – 17
Vertically Challenged
Switch Grip
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
Three Peas in a WOD

Over at 9:19 – 8 Minutes to transition to Rx – 9:27

9:27 WOD1 Heat 1 Rx

Rx Teams 1-4
Masters of the Universe
Phat and Phast
Booties and The Beast
We Run Better Than The Government

9:43 WOD1 Heat 2 Rx

Rx Teams 5-8
Two Snatches & A Jerk
Aggressively Average
Frantastic Three

9:59 WOD1 Heat 3 Rx

Rx Teams 9-12
Blasian Presuasion
Not The Cool Kind
We’re Doing Scaled, Right?

10:15 WOD 1 Heat 4 RX

Rx Teams 13-17
We go together
Taking Back Restday
Biracial Angels
Wreck Room

Over at 10:31 – Transition time and briefing for WOD 2

WOD #2 The Walking Dead – 12 min Time Cap

10:55 WOD1 Heat 1 Scaled

Scaled Teams 1-4

11:13 WOD1 Heat 2 Scaled

Scaled Teams 5-8

11:31 WOD1 Heat 3 Scaled

Scaled Teams 9-12

11:49 WOD1 Heat 4 Scaled

Scaled Teams 13 – 17

12:17 WOD1 Heat 1 Rx

Rx Teams 1-4

12:35 WOD1 Heat 2 Rx

Rx Teams 5-8

12:53  WOD1 Heat 3 Rx

Rx Teams 9-12

1:11 WOD 1 Heat 4 RX

Rx Teams 13-17

Workout # 3- The Amazing Race 13 min Time Cap

1:49 WOD1 Heat 1 Scaled

Scaled Teams 1-4

2:06 WOD1 Heat 2 Scaled

Scaled Teams 5-8

2:23 WOD1 Heat 3 Scaled

Scaled Teams 9-12

2:40 WOD1 Heat 4 Scaled

Scaled Teams 13 – 17

3:01 WOD1 Heat 1 Rx

Rx Teams 1-4

3:18 WOD1 Heat 2 Rx

Rx Teams 5-8

3:35 WOD1 Heat 3 Rx

Rx Teams 9-12

3:52 WOD 1 Heat 4 RX

Rx Teams 13-17

Over at 4:05 – Transition time and briefing for Finals

4:05 – 4:30 (24 Minutes)

FINALS – Top 5 Teams From each Division – Start Time 4:30


Team Captain Team # Division Team Name Affiliate
Hugh 1 RX Division Masters of the Universe CFH
Ross 2 RX Division Phat and Phast CrossFit Federal Hill
Kelsea 3 RX Division Booties and The Beast Crossfit Harbor East and Charm City Crossfit
James 4 RX Division We Run Better Than The Government CrossFit Federal Hill
Alexandra 5 RX Division Two Snatches & A Jerk Industry Athletics
Gary 6 RX Division Aggressively Average 410 CrossFit
Brandon 7 RX Division 4peat Everlasting, Prodigy
Sam 8 RX Division Frantastic Three CrossFit Iniquus
Benjamin 9 RX Division Blasian Persuasion Crossfit Federal Hill
Carlos 10 RX Division Relentless Cove Crossfit
Stephen 11 RX Division Not The Cool Kind Stone Forge CrossFit
Allison 12 RX Division We’re Doing Scaled, Right? Stone Forge CrossFit
Diana 13 RX Division We go together Wreck Room
Alexander 14 RX Division Taking Back Restday CrossFit Federal Hill
Ken 15 RX Division Biracial Angels Industry Athletics
Haley 16 RX Division Wreck Room Wreck Room Crossfit
Collin 17 RX Division Potentials Un-Affiliated
Eric 1 Scaled Division Sets Addicts CrossFit BWI
Jared 2 Scaled Division Just Keep Snatching CrossFit Fed Hill
Rachel 3 Scaled Division 2 Jerks and a Snatch Wreckroom CrossFit
Kent 4 Scaled Division Rainbow Brite CFHE
Mark 5 Scaled Division The Chalking Dead Wreck Room
Jennifer 6 Scaled Division Strangers in the Alps Crossfit Federal Hill
Andy 7 Scaled Division Bears Beets Burpees CrossFit Hierarchy
Eric 8 Scaled Division Hate Us Cuz They Anus TrueCore CF
SEAN 9 Scaled Division Clang and Bang Crossfit Catonsville
Mark 10 Scaled Division Two Snatches and a Wallball Crossfit Harbor East
Justin 11 Scaled Division The Cougars and The Club Crossfit  Towson
Samantha 12 Scaled Division 410 Averagely Agressive 410 Crossfit
Katie 13 Scaled Division Vertically Challenged CrossFit Cove
Kevin 14 Scaled Division Switch Grip CrossFit Hierarchy Ivy City
Devon 15 Scaled Division Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Nevermore
Jeffrey 16 Scaled Division Three Peas in a WOD CrossFit Cove
Jared 17 Scaled Division Yeah Crossfit Cove

When: Friday, Feb 8th @ 3 – 4:30 pm
Where: CrossFit Federal Hill

Join Laura D. for a brief introduction to hard style kettlebell movements. This mini workshop will include a technical overview of several main lifts, including the deadlift, swing, clean, high pull, snatch, windmill and (time permitting) the Turkish Get Up. We will finish up with a workout, that will put our new knowledge to the test. Laura has been teaching bells as an RKC certified instructor since June of 2017.

P.S. We know it is at an odd time.  Laura is hosting this seminar for a few colleagues of hers and is letting the IA community jump in.  If you can not make it and this interests you please email us and we will put together a more convenient time.

We all start January with the best of intentions.  Even if you don’t write down goals or intentions for the year, January is a starting over point for most of us.  It’s considered to be a time of reflection and a time to build on what has been built thus far.

In 2018, I made a resolution to take cold showers everyday.  It was a personal goal that was simple, straight forward and easy to measure.  The driving force was to bring attention to the Tall Clubs International Foundation, a non profit created to benefit tall people.   Just kidding about the driving force, but the non profit is real!

We are only a few weeks into 2019, but I have continued the cold showers for no other reason than self discipline.  I have learned a fair amount from this resolution and from goal setting, that I want to share.

1) Do not set out to change the world:  Great goal, but it usually does not get accomplished. Cold showers are simple.  Not easy, but simple.  I take a shower everyday all I have to do is keep it cold and not turn the knob as far.  I did not set out to do the Keto Diet, Snatch double body weight, or run 1 mile everyday.  All of those require new habits, new schedules and tons of mental bandwidth in order to to stick with them. We all have grand ideas, but actually doing them is the hard part.  So this year start small,  try one thing that will improve your daily life and work to make it a habit.

2) Set yourself up:  When I opened at Harbor East Monday mornings,  I liked to get to the gym at 5:15 am.  I get up at 4:52 am and leave the house by 5:05.  That leaves me with 13 minutes to get out of the door with coffee, looking presentable and have some food down the hatch.  So I often sleep in my workout clothes.  No it is not that crazy.  Or, I have all my clothes laid out down stairs in an easy way to put them on.  Alarm goes off at 4:52am, no snooze, I get up go downstairs and get dressed.  Coffee is ready to start, water in the pot, filter ready for the pour over.  I turn that on, get it going, wash my face brush my teach and get ready.  About 5:00 am now.  I make two fried eggs and walk out the door with the eggs on a plate and coffee in my mug.  My point here is that everything is set up.  I just have to get up.  Then routine takes over.  What habit can you form and how can you set it up?

3) Tell your people: I had the advantage of spreading the word about my goal & resolution via Four on Friday to all the members at IA.  But, I also told family and friends.  They laughed and called me crazy, but for me telling someone my goal or plan means I must follow through.  Telling people that I care about that I will follow through on a challenge means more to me than it does to them.  As a leader in the gym community I could not turn that dial to warm.  Sick, in a hotel, in Colorado where the cold water is so much freaking colder, I could not do it.

4) Write it down:  We can help with this.  There will be box at both gyms for the next week with index cards.  Write down ONE or TWO things you will do differently or habits you will form this year.  We will break out the box next year and let you find your card.  This is for you.  We will not look through these or post on the blog.  Share with whoever you want to, but writing it down instills commitment.

As I wrote about in the post last week the path to self improvement is never a straight line.  You might trip up, fall short or not complete your goal. That is ok.  You can still learn, reflect and grow from that.  It is better to set a goal, track it, and work towards self improvement than sitting on the sideline thinking about it.

My 2019 habits are…

100- 3 minute ice baths.

52 Blog Posts posted on the IA blog that I write.

Thanks for listening and thanks for letting me use you to hold myself accountable.  This community is a powerful thing and I could not be more thankful for all the wisdom, help and inspiration that you have provided for me!

Do you have what it takes to be crowned champion of the first annual Industry Athletics Chili Cook-off? If you’re ready to break out that family recipe and test your merit against the fittest chef’s Baltimore can provide then let’s see what you got!


The winner will get their March membership for FREE!!


When: Sunday, February 17th at 12:00pm.

Where: Harbor East

Cook Sign Up’s: If you would like to test your creation please e-mail Davidson at federalhill@industryathletics.com no later than Feb 9th.

Judging: Judging will be completed by your peers after completing a workout from 11:00-12:00pm. To be an official judge you will need to sign up here so we can track who will be attending!

More info to be released closer the event!

P.S. I volunteer to taste test any test batches leading up to the cook-off 🙂

New Years and fitness go hand in hand.  Every holiday party and family member often look at me and say “Well, in January you will be so busy right…I mean with all the new years resolutions!”

In CrossFit, the gym is not packed on 1/1.  The traditional gym is filled with treadmills, recumbent bikes and other amazing equipment that have T.V.s and cup holders mounted on them. Why?… because you need to drink coconut water during a 20 minute treadmill workout and catch up on the last episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Here at Industry Athletics, we do not need the new year to tell us to move or resolutions to motivate us to hit the gym.  I am not against resolutions, but this year I have been faced again with the same December as everyone else . Holiday parties, occasional cold, nagging injury, short days, cold weather and just blah. I feel like it’s these events that typically drive people to create resolutions, and that typically provoke the “new year, new me” mentality.

However, it’s not about how hard you fall but rather how you get up.  It was said by someone else in a much more profound way, but I really want this to resonate with all the athletes here.  Every single person here goes through it.  Bad days and good days are a part of life and a part of training. The best athletes in our gym are not the people who lift the most weight or do the most ring muscle ups, they are the ones who are the most consistent.  That’s it.  No magic pill, just keep showing up.  Take time when you need it.  Nurse your shoulder injury or sleep in for a week. But then get back up, suck it up and show back up.

A recent article by Ryan Holiday, where he quoted Oprah resonated with me.  “If you catch yourself eating an Oreo, don’t beat yourself up; just try to stop before you eat the whole sleeve.”  If you fall of for a week , don’t let yourself fall of for a month.

Seeing gains disappear is hard.  Jumping on the pull up bar and feeling those Oreos is not easy.  But, none of this stuff is.  It is all hard (here comes another life quote, brace yourself)…anything worth doing in life is hard.  Sore hands, painful quads, not being able to straighten your arm, and gasping for air… each and every one of those things are not things we wake up  ready to do or eager to deal with.  They are hard things, the kind of things that build character, makes you stronger, more resilient and ultimately better at life.

There is no trick.  I have seen hundreds of athletes over the last ten years come in and out of the gym.  Lace up, put on your shorts on and show up.  Everything about this atmosphere is set up and in place to help you.  The workouts, the coaches and the people.  Be humble, ask for feedback, help when you see an opportunity and be happy and proud of who you are today.  The path to success starts over every morning.  Now wake up from December and walk through the doors ready to attack a challenge because as we all know….Doing Hard Things Makes Us Stronger


Want some new Industry Athletic gear? Need something to keep you warm & toasty during the first few minutes of warm up? Check out our new Industry Athletics Sweatshirts!  These Hoodies are on sale of $45 and can be ordered by filling out the following form. We are doing a preorder and will not be ordering extras. Payment will be processed via Zenplanner. If you have any questions, please email Harboreast@industryathletics.com.



Teams of THREE. Mix gender Teams, every team must have at least 1 male and 1 female.  



Each participant gets a T-shirt

Cost: $255 per team ($85 per person)

There will be 3 Team WOD’s and 3 Floater (short individual)

The three team WOD’s and two of the floater WOD’s will be announced a week before the competition.

The last floater WOD will not be announced until WOD#1 and WOD #2 are complete, the day of the competition.

Floater WOD Rules- All floater WOD’s will be single person events. Only 1 teammate can compete in each floater WOD. Example: Team WOD Ripper has three athletes A, B and C. If A does floater WOD #1 and C does floater WOD#2 then B must do floater WOD #3.

Floater WOD #1 must be complete during WOD#1

Floater WOD #2 must be completed during WOD #2

Floater WOD #3 must be completed during WOD #3



Clean and Jerk 115/75

Deadlift 225/155

Front Squat 115/75

Snatch (power or squat) 105/70

5 Double Unders, 5 Kipping Pull ups

**There might be a ladder or complex that will go heavier then above, but if you can complete the weights you will be able to at least start the workout.**


Clean and Jerk 165/110

Deadlift 315/225

Front Squat 185/125

Snatch (power/or squat) 135/95

**There might be a ladder or complex that will go heavier then above, but if you can complete the weights you will be able to at least start the workout.**

“If you can do most of the “Girl” workouts as prescribed, you should do the RX division”

You should also be comfortable with these skills in a WOD- Double Unders, Toes to Bar, Chest to Bar, Pistols