General Info:

 DASH is a personalized weekly endurance program based on the Aerobic Capacity design of Chris Hinshaw – CrossFit Games coach and 10x Ironman endurance competitor – for the Crossfit athlete wanting to optimize their aerobic capacity. 


This is a supplemental training program that starts with moderate running workouts and progresses into race-pace simulated intervals. All the interval workouts have individually prescribed pace ranges that are based on an advanced algorithm using your current performance data.

Jaclyn will be your coach to guide you during your workouts with specific interval times. Our goal is to efficiently develop your speed, stamina, and endurance.Jaclyn has programmed fun, challenging and confidence-building endurance workouts for any athlete.

The summertime DASH session will focus on SPEED training!!!

$40 per month (2 month commitment)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm

July 9th through Aug 29th


Meet the Coach:

Jaclyn is a former division one college basketball athlete. She is also marathon runner with a PR in the Boston Marathon of 3 hours and 8 minutes. Her love of sports, fitness and coaching inspired her to become a group fitness instructor and national trainer for Les Mills. After discovering CrossFit, Jaclyn fell in love with this style of training and the endless opportunities CrossFit provides for athletes of all levels to compete on a daily basis while being surrounded by a fun / healthy community! Jaclyn currently works as the Senior Program Director for the Y in Central Maryland and coaches CrossFit in downtown Baltimore. She is a national trainer for Les Mills BODYPUMP and Les Mills BODYATTACK.


  •         Les Mills National Trainer
  •         CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  •         CrossFit Kids Trainer
  •         Aerobic Capacity Ambassador
  •         USAW
  •         USAPL
  •         ACE
  •         AFAA


What does it cost? –   For $40 a month athletes gain access to two classes a week with coach Jaclyn and personalized programming.

Can anyone participate? – Yes. This program is designed for CrossFit coaches, trainers, and athletes of all levels. No prior experience with endurance coaching and/or training is required to participate.

Will aerobic capacity programming reduce my overall strength? – None of my elite or recreational athletes have experienced any reduction in their max lifts. In fact, every athlete has continued to set new personal records.

What type of workouts are included? –

Aerobic Threshold: Steady workouts at a moderate intensity to develop fuel efficiency (burn fat), muscular skeleton system, and aerobic endurance.

  • Lactate Threshold: Higher volume workouts with longer distance intervals at higher “threshold” intensities with less rest between reps and/or sets.
  • VO2 Max: Lower volume workouts, shorter distance intervals at higher intensities, and more rest between reps and/or sets.
  • Speed Endurance: Very low volume workouts with interval distances less than 60sec. Extremely high intensities. Used to recruit fast twitch fibers and force them to develop endurance. Full recovery between reps and/or sets.
  • Strength Endurance: Low volume workouts with high intensity intervals that include various explosive movements to recruit and develop your fast twitch muscle fibers.

Will my workouts be personalized? – Yes! All workouts in our system will be personalized based on your latest performance data. Jaclyn will utilize tools that help create the most accurate workouts based on your athletic level and goals.

How do I register? –CLICK HERE TO COME RUN WITH US! 


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