Congrats on taking the first step on getting involved in our community!   We know it can be intimidating, it is a new place with new people, but, but we laid out a few steps below to help make the processes fit your needs.  Remember, we are here to help, you do not need to get in shape before coming to Industry Athletics.

STEP 1: Schedule a phone call so we can learn more about you and what you are looking for!  If you are interested in signing up, starting a membership or learning about our on boarding processes this is the next step!

Federal Hill Location 

Harbor East Location


STEP 2: We start everyone with a individualized program to help them achieve the most success, stay injury free and see results as fast as possible!

We take you through 3 personal training sessions to introduce you to CrossFit and teach you how to move safely.

To get started it is $250 for 3 personal training sessions and one month of CrossFit.

Sign up for an appointment above and we will be in touch!


If you want to join please email or  We can answer all your questions and get you set up with the next foundations course!


  • Schedule Appointment

    You can set up an appointment to chat with us about getting started. This will not be a sales pitch. It will be a conversation about you. What you are looking for, what your goals are and what type of fitness background you have.

  • Foundations Course

    Our foundations course is six classes, they take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm. They start the 1st Monday of every month and go for two weeks!

  • Previous CrossFit Experience

    f you have experience you are more than welcome to come try a free class or jump right in! To sign up head over to the pricing page. If you want to try a free class and meet our community email us at (Email the location that you would like to attend)

If you have questions on how to get started email us – or

Do you want to know more!? Below is a video of Catherine’s experience here at CFH.  She was about 2-3 months in when we filmed this piece.  She talks about joining, the “intimidation factor”, how she got started and most importantly how her experience here was as a beginner to CrossFit.

If you are ready to sign up lets get started!

Email us- or to get set up for your first appointment.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training sessions are all one on one with a coach and athlete.  You can schedule them at your convenience and go over personal goals with your specific trainer.  All personal training packages (5 or 10 packs) come with a free In-Body Scan.  The In-Body scan will track weight, skeletal muscle mass and body fat %.  If you are interested in group personal training or 2 on 1 training email us- or

CrossFit Membership

With the unlimited CrossFit Class membership you will get accesses to as many classes as you want per week.  Each and every class is lead by a coach who will be there to guide you through the class.  We pride ourselves on giving individual attention to every athlete during every class.  We also encourage you to use our coaches for any and all outside information you need when it comes to fitness and nutrition.