IA New Schedule

Geo and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with us through this. The support from keeping your memberships, posting your IA at home workouts, and logging into sugarWOD is what will keep this community thriving through this tough time! Below is what we are currently implementing to keep you healthy and connected.

Stay safe and healthy!

Workout Schedule

Monday- Bodyweight/Minimal Equipment, Core
Tuesday- BW/M, Endurance
Wednesday- BW/M, Core
Thursday- Endurance, Gymnastics
Friday- BW/M, Core
Saturday- BW/M
Sunday- Endurance, Gymnastics

Everyday you can expect a youtube video at 8pm describing and demoing the workout for the next day!

Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri we will be going live at 12pm and 5pm on Zoom for workouts! This will start Wednesday 3/18!

Saturday we will have one live workout on Zoom at 9am!

Geo and I will be doing everything we can to push out content for our members. Please keep up to date here on the blog, instagram, youtube, and facebook! Love you all!

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