Monday March 23, 2020

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Warm up 

3-4 Rounds:
10 Alternating Spider Man walks (or in place) 
10 Alternating Prone Scorpions
10 Boot Straps
10 Jumping Air Squats


AMRAP 8 Minutes:
1:00 Run, bike, row, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, whatever works 
5 Single Arm Thrusters (5 on each arm) 
10 V-Ups or Tuck Ups
15 Hand Release Push ups 
20 Russian Twists (with or without weight)
3 Rounds with a 3 minutes rest between each round. 

Score Total Reps! (The 1:00 cardio piece does not count as a rep) 

**Focus on recovery during your rest, work to 2+ rounds during each
Pick up where you left off after your 3:00 rest

8 minute AMRAP

CORE Workout 

:20 Flutter Kick 
:20 Tuck up 
:20 Rest 
7 Rounds 

**A Classic core workout that most IA athletes are familiar with.  A great time to get really good at this one! 

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