Nutrition Spotlight: Sara Walcott

Hey team!

We would like to introduce you to some of our members that have not only committed themselves to fitness, but also to improving their life through nutrition!!

Coach Brittany H has been working with a number of our members and with their permission, we would like to share their successes with you. Over the next few months you will see how several of your fellow athletics have committed to taking control of their nutrition and making gains both inside and outside of the gym.  

Reminder that there is no quick fix when it comes to nutrition.  Time, patience and consistency all play a key role in one’s success.  Interested in dialing in your nutrition to help your performance?  Enhance your body composition? Or simply live a healthier life? Reach out and we will set you up with a free nutrition consult! 

First up we have Sara Walcott! 

Meet Sara Walcott, a member of Industry Athletics for nearly 5 years. You can be find her hitting WODs with class in the morning usually, followed by an evening session of either DASH or Capacity coupled with some accessory work here and there!!!  You may read that and say ‘man, I wish I had that much time’, but the thing about Sara is she makes the time. She has both a full and part time job, however health and wellness are very important to her, so with the support of her boyfriend she makes fitness a priority in her life.


Last January , Sara signed up for Coach Brittany’s New Year 2018 Nutrition Challenge.  After doing some reflecting, she knew something had to change. One could argue that in 2017 Sara did a bit of a full life reset –


“I quit an 80+ hour a week job and spent the rest of the year not working.  During this time, I focused on figuring out what I wanted to do and what I wanted my life to be.”


Signing up for the challenge was a result of realizing that despite spending the majority of her 9 non-working months at the gym, she hadn’t made nearly as much progress as she would have liked.  Overall her body composition had not changed almost at all.


“I grew up in a house where cooking wasn’t really a thing. In my teens I could eat whatever I wanted and would just burn it off. Then I hit my 20s and started working more than I was working out.  Eating takeout at my desk was a regular occurrence, and lived in apartments that barely qualified as having a kitchen. I ate whatever was available, sounded good and made me feel ‘full’ in a number of ways, without regard to my nutrition.”

“I on and off tried a few different things (paleo, vegan, calorie restricted, etc.) for a few weeks or months here or there, particularly when I wanted to lose weight, but I never committed or maintained anything. It wasn’t until I stopped working in 2017 that I started really cooking for myself, and it wasn’t until I began working with Brittany in 2018 that I started really focusing on the nutrition behind what I was cooking, ordering, and putting in my body.”


The nutrition challenge was 5 weeks but Sara knew she had to look past the 5 weeks and identify habits that she could maintain.  She was not ‘perfect’ during the challenge, but who really is and more importantly, what does ‘perfect’ really look like?!?!


In 5 weeks Sara gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 16lbs of fat, drastically reducing her overall body fat percentage.  The healthy maintainable habits she applied to her day to day helped her achieve this. Fast forward a year and Sara continues to work 1:1 with Coach Brittany.  Throughout the year we had different goals that were maintainable and left Sara in a positive state of mind. More recently we have been working to reduce body fat and enhance performance in preparation for a Caribbean vacation.  We sent monthly milestones to make sure we stayed on track.


Looking back Sara says…


“I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I needed to learn this, but it really is CRAZY how much of a difference nutrition makes! I made more progress from both a performance and a body composition standpoint in 6 weeks of really focusing on my nutrition during the last years nutrition challenge than I made in 9 months of coming to the gym alone. I do not focus on being perfect, I focus on making healthy decisions that are sustainable for me.  Life happens and sometimes my progress takes two steps forward then one back but I know with small changes and a clear mind I can take another 2 steps forward and continue to chip away at my goals. One of my biggest learnings is that it if and when I do commit to my nutrition and make it a priority, I 100% for sure, without a doubt, WILL see improvement.”

We could not be more proud of Sara.  She does not get caught up in what happened yesterday or last week.  Coach Brittany tells all her clients that each day is a new day and to focus on the present and Sara does just that!!! 

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