All CrossFits are individually owned so we get to develop our own unique personality. Of course ours is super cool!


CrossFit Federal Hill is a place where fitness and community combine to form a welcoming atmosphere where people improve their lives, meet new friends, and become stronger and faster individuals.


Seriously, all that happens during every class. We also throw in a few sweet events that revolve around fitness, eating, and all around fun.


Below are a few pictures of our facility and community

July 2012
The Beginning

We started in Federal Hill Park in July of 2012

December 2012
Moving In

We moved into 1220 Key Hwy in December of 2012

Third Week
Getting going

In just our third week we managed to start building decent class sizes


We slowly started to add equipment, expand our pull up rig and build athletes!

Our Classes

Our class sizes can range from 5 to 20 depending on the time of day. We have enough space and equipment to run a class of 25-35.


A big evening class and everyone has their own box and their own KB with plenty of space to work!


We have a solid mix of male, female, younger and older clients

January 2014
Doubled our space

In January 2014 we doubled our space. We now have 9,000 square feet of dedicated CrossFit Space.

Two Spaces

We also have the ability to separate the gym into two spaces (see the garage doors) this lets us run specialty classes. Beginners classes, mobility class and strength class are all run in the back gym while a regular CF workout happens in the front gym. All of our specialty classes are included in our membership!

Come on by!

We would love to have you as a part of our community! Come by and check out a class today!