Saturday September 7, 2019

Remember Harbor Take Over 2 is Tomorrow


4 min EMOM
3 Snatches 
As heavy as possible 

4 min EMOM 
12 Russian KB Swings 
Max Box Jumps

4 min EMOM
12 Toes to Bar 

2 Rounds

Fitness: 20 Sit ups
Performance: 12 Toes to Bar 
Open: 14 Toes to Bar 

Athletes: 24 minutes of work today, some heavy and some fast.  

Score-Load on the Snatch- Should be the same weight across 


Every 3 Minutes for 27 minutes 
5 DB Deadlift
5 DB Hang Power Clean
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Push
200m run 

Athletes: You should have :45-1:00 to rest each round so challenge the DB weight

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