Tuesday August 13, 2019


Pull up Track
5 Negatives (hold chin over the bar for 1 second to start each rep)
10 Barbell Rows (on the rig)
4 Rounds

Muscle Up Track 
5 Ring to Chest Pulls (2 second pause at the top) 
5-10 Ring Dips (strict) 

4 Rounds 

**People should be using the false grip on the rings. 


From 0-5 
___ Cal Row 
15 Power Cleans 
Max Burpees

____ Cal Row 
12 Power Cleans 
Max Burpees

____ Cal Row
9 Power Cleans 
Max Burpees

Fitness: 20 Cal (115/75, 15 power cleans across)
Performance: 25 Cal (185/125)
Open: 25 Cal (205/135) 

Athletes: If you have not done your 5 minute pulling test do that today! Otherwise get to work on the pulling skill work for the day.  Then we finish with heavy power cleans.  These can be done in singles. 

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