Thursday, November 15th, is Bring a Friend Day at both Industry Athletic locations. Members are encouraged and invited to bring a friend to class free of charge. There is no limit on the number of friends a member can bring, the more the merrier! This offer covers all class types on Thursday (Drive and Crossfit), as well as all class times (morning, midday, and evening).  All we ask is that you show up a few minutes before the start of class to make sure any and all waivers get signed. So grab that friend that’s always wanted to give Crossfit a try, and have them join you Thursday November 15th for a WOD!

Strength WOD

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes
1 Clean Lift Off + 1 Power Clean + 1 Hanging Clean
(For the Clean lift off: focus on pushing through the floor and driving the bar to the knee.  Hold there for 2 seconds then return to the floor)


20 KB Swings
10 Burpee Box Jumps
5 Rounds

15 min Cap

Athletes Choice of KB weight
***Save the Date***
October 31st–  Happy Halloween! There will be no 7:30pm classes this evening.
November 15th– Bring a Friend Day at both CFH & CFHE!
November 22nd & 23rd – Adjusted Schedule for Thanksgiving, more info coming soon
November 23rd– Rowing Challenge Begins, more info coming soon!