Strength WOD

Take 18 minutes to find a
Find a new 2 RM Front Squat


10 Single Arm DB Push Press (5 each arm)
10 KB Swings
5 Shuttle Run (down and back = 1)
10 min AMRAP
***Save the Date***
November 15th– Bring a Friend Day at both CFH & CFHE!
November 22nd & 23rd – Adjusted Schedule for Thanksgiving, more info coming soon
November 23rd– Rowing Challenge Begins, more info coming soon!

The 100,000 Meter Holiday Challenge is BACK! 
 This is the Fourth year the Federal Hill Community is attacking this challenge and the second year for Crossfit Harbor East.  
How long do I have?
You have from Friday, November 23rd to until Monday, December 31st to accumulate 100,000 M on the Rower.
How do I sign up?
Slap your name on the front Whiteboard   under 100,000 meter challenge and you are in!
How much do I need to row daily or weekly?
Up to you! You can do the math on your own, but it is a healthy amount of meters per day.  You can chip off 10,000 at a time or 2,600 a day.  Any rowing we do in WODs also counts to your total.  Your only requirement is to update your total meters on the whiteboard in the front gym on a weekly basis.
***Remember the class gets priority if we are using the rowers in a workout.***
Why should I participate?
Because strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Strength comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t…and a little extra work over the holiday does a body good.
Before the 2018 Rowing Challenge begins tho, how about one more shout out to all the athletes who completed last year’s challenge:

Adam C. (CFH)

Alex H.  (CFHE)

Ashton (CFH)

Becky (CFHE)

Bryan S.  (CFH)

Dundas (CFH)

Drew (CFH)

Elliott (CFHE)

Fernando (CFH)

Gabby  (CFHE)

Hugh (CFH)

Immi (CFH)

James C. (CFH)

Jen B.  (CFHE)

Jess B.  (CFHE)

Josh D.  (CFH)

Kaitlyn (CFH)

Kevin U. (CFH)

Keith (CFH)

Kerry (CFH)

Michele (CFHE)

Parker  (CFHE)

Tara (CFH)

Sarah L. (CFH)

Sarah M. (CFH)

Sara W.  (CFH)

Shana (CFH)

Scott B.  (CFHE)

Sean C.  (CFH)

Xinyi (CFH)

An even bigger congratulations to Kevin U. (CFH) who rowed 500,000m!

Awesome job athletes!