Skill WOD
EMOM 10 minutes
:20 Toes to Bar
:20 Active Dead Hang
 :20 Rest 

Double Unders & Sit ups

Fitness: 10-10-8-6-6 Chest to Bar Pull ups
Performance: 5-4-3-2-1 Bar Muscle ups
Open: 5-5-4-3-3 Bar Muscle ups 

>>>Example: 50 double unders, 50 sit ups, 10 C2B <<<

AK & Jill looking strong on C2B!

Save the Date:
April 2nd – Dash Volume 2 (for distance) starts
April 5th- Lift Off at Crossfit Harbor East (more details to come!)
May 11th – Chipper for a Cause at CFHE
May 27th- Memorial Day Murph!

In the next few weeks we will be launching our FRESH START CHALLENGE at Industry Athletics.  This is not an add on for current members, but we are asking for your help with it.   Fresh Start is a 5 week challenge that we will be running at both our Harbor East Location and Federal Hill Location.  The goal is to get a group of people who are looking to change and help them make that happen. This challenge is meant to target those who usually would never step foot in a CrossFit gym. 

Over the next week we will spreading the word and working on requirement for the challenge and there are two things you can help with…

1.Tell your friends! All the info to get started is in this link- Fresh Start Challenge LINK Everyone interested in the challenge will book a 15 minute interview to come see the gym and learn more about the program to see if it is a good fit for them.

2. If you have a friend who is interested, they can fill out an application here! We are only accepting a handful of people so have them schedule an interview soon!

Federal Hill Application

Harbor East Application

3. If nothing else, please be friendly and welcoming to any new faces you see.  I will post on the blog when the class officially starts.  These classes will be separate from the regular class (like a our foundations program).  But remember how intimidating it was when you started?
A smile & hello both go a long way. 🙂

Training Cycle Dates: W 3/27/19 – W 5/9/19
Test Week: W 5/9/19
Transition Week: Will be the first week of the following cycle, starting Th 5/10/19


We are coming off the Crossfit Open: 5 weeks of workouts that test our fitness, skills and strength. It was another great year! Full of highlights (if you missed any of the highlights, check out the update shows on our youtube channel!) and inspiring moments.

With the Open behind us, it’s time to focus on a gym favorite: the clean and jerk! How much weight can you lift up to your shoulders and then throw of your head. At the beginning of the cycle, athletes will find and establish a heavy 1 RM, which we will then work to improve over the course of 8 weeks.  This will be accomplished through the use of Clean work and Split jerk work. We encourage all athletes who have been with us longer than 6 months to use this time to focus specifically on their squat clean. While, all newer athletes should focus on finding a heavy power clean.  Below is the breakdown of what you can expect to see over the next 8 weeks:

Will be a flex day. We will either go long or use it as a day to plug in some extra strength work that may not be directly related to the clean and jerk. Our focus will be to start the week off right and differentiate from what we did on Saturday .

This will be our skill/gymnastics day. We will give the barbell a break and focus on some gymnastics skills work. We wanted to plug this in after the open because everyone is always exposed when it comes to bodyweight movements. We will focus on strict work and building strength in positions.

Clean and Jerk day! We will do some form of clean and jerk or work that directly relates to getting better at this lift.

Coming of a big barbell day this will be a longer flush type of workout that will not involve a barbell very often. It is almost running season! So get ready.

Clean and Jerk day 2! It is such a big compounding lift that we will need two days to focus on this lift.

Metcon Fun! A mix of lifts and gymnastics to get the heart rate going and keep the fun rolling

Rest or come in for open gym to make up any work you missed!